Friday, July 22, 2011

Coon Hunter

Most of the time Dave and I get along just fine in our retirement. He is busy outdoors and I am happy in my studio. We meet for lunch and later for cocktails and discuss projects, people and plans. Everything is copacetic.And then one day the great tectonic plates of our marriage begin to shift creating rifts that mirror Krakatoa.
We yell, we stomp, we grind our teeth and then retreat to separate corners, fuming and planning our next verbal assault.
It is difficult to be creative in such an environment. So I do strange things, like laundry, washing dishes, emptying the refrigerator, rearranging furniture, washing floors and taking out the garbage. All without joy. Luckily for my sanity I have knitting, a reason to leave the scene, and lunch with my friend Mary, and I return home all unclenched and unkinked and full of peace.
And then another crazy thing happens and we are right back at it.
Finally, and I do think it is finally for this round, the dust has settled and though I don't like it, it is back to normal again. Dave 1, Mel 0.
I was told it was the buy of the century. O yeah. Sure. I was so happy not to have a clunker in the drive anymore. This is the third truck Dave has purchased since we lived here. Four years, three trucks. Four wheel drive, towing package, 1988, for heaven's sake. AC and bucket seats. This will save my mulch collecting van from transmission failure (ha!) and we NEEEEEEEED it, he says. I gave in and gave up, and said OK, like it mattered what I said.
 This Coon Hunter decal is being scraped off as we speak. The dawgs are already trying to jump up to inspect the cab. Boys. Gotta love 'em.

I am not a revengefull person. I can lay down my weapons and walk away. I don't need to buy anything to equalize this dent in my checkbook. I don't need to. BUT.

Last week when I was fooling around bidding on shoes on Ebay, I came across this perfect for me sewing table, made to fit my machine. I did the Buy It Now thing and it will be mine in a week or two. Yay!!!!
Get this: ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. Mwahahaha! I know just the guy to do this.

Because its just not hot enough, the Dawgs and their hot little bodies have to squeeze up next to me while I blog.

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  1. I kinda like the Coon Hunter decal. Adds to the mystique. But I like your sewing table better.

  2. Judy Morningstar8:29 AM

    The sewing table looks really sturdy . It should be up to supporting your sewing habit. It makes such a positive difference to get the sewing height just right. These ageing bodies of ours just won't tolerate being bent and cramped any more!

  3. That truck looks like something the neighbor kid (age 19) buys and fixes up - however, his are NOT quiet!!!! I kinda like the decal, too - but maybe a little toooo country hick!!!!

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Hmm... get the truck painted and call it a restored vintage truck. It will have a better look in the drive if it's vintage and not just an old truck. Maybe some racing stripes on it to coordinate with your stripe quilts? (giggle)

    Anita E

  5. Ha - you are so funny! Made me laugh because it sounds like so many couples! It did make me think of you getting revenge by covering that truck with a knitted cozy or a truck quilt!

  6. Zieknits9:24 AM

    What's that I hear? Dueling banjos? ;)

    Okay, seriously now. It looks like a cool truck. A very 'guy' truck. Could just be a neeeeeed for a guy who might (if only subconsciously) feel he's losing/lost some of his guydentity...

    That'll be 5 cents, please. ;)


  7. Oh man - sounds like most relationships ... at least it sounds like mine! The same adage that works with children "you have to pick your battles" works with spouses! Very funny post today - you made my day!

  8. I was chuckling as I read your blog this morning. Yes, it was funny, but I was chuckling because I could relate to it SOOOOO much!!! My DH is a trap shooter and has a very expensive gun for this "professional" hobby of his. He has been looking, talking, BEGGING, and probably dreaming about a particular new gun he just knows will make him shoot better (don't get started on all the dust collecting trophies he already has!!). Price....$8,000!!! Actually, that's a "cheap" one compared to some of the other guys' guns that he shoots with. So far, I've been able to stall him but I know one of these days he'll come home with his new "toy". Hmmmmm... maybe a new sewing machine is in my future :)

  9. Mechelle9:49 AM

    Have you been peeking into MY house? teehee!! I do LOVE it when DH gets a new toy of some sort, then I can get one too - just like you did!!! ENJOY that new table.

  10. It is definately a guy thing. The two guys here (53 and 65) both want trucks...and believe it or not...not new ones (thank goodness for the pocketbook). Must be part of male men o pause...
    And we can certainly find just the "right" things when we need them...hee hee. I like the coon hunter thing as well and the new sewing table. Have a good day...Thank God for Mary...and the Dawgs.

  11. If we had any resources whatsoever right now I'd have a similar vehicle sitting in my driveway.
    I know just what you mean about the square off with the hubby. We have a lot less now as we are both too tired but it's sure nice to spend time with a friend and come home relaxed.

  12. Sandy in CA10:21 AM

    Melody--that's a wonderful sewing table. Is it one of a kind? If not, would you share the seller? Thanks!

  13. so jealous of your sewing table! i need that!!!

  14. My DH gets every wood working tool there is, plus the chainsaw. He did build a new table for my sewing room that is gorgeous and made to my specifications! As for vehicles, ok, there is a truck, Audi, and TWO porsches... One is mine and the other is for fun. If it has wheels, he wants it...2 motorcycles, 6 bikes, and a riding lawnmower. I'm not always happy about it, but he could be out chasing women? He's home and happy, so am I... I have way more fabric stash than you and Walmart ever had! Just keep quilting!

  15. I would like to know how you got your husband to let you paint your walls in the guest room such a wonderful color? My husband likes nothing but builder brown and I want color!!!!!

  16. When I worked in retail selling clothes to women who needed a justification for buying a new wardrobe, I would simply ask them, "and what hobby does your hubby have?" "How much and what does he buy for his hobby?" Worked every time. It just so happened that collecting great clothing was their hobby!

  17. Melody, I have that exact sewing table--I love it. Makes machine quilting so much easier for me. Plus I was able to adjust it to the exact right height for me (very short.) It did require some assembly, which wasn't hard, but it was VERY VERY heavy and that is where a husband would have come in handy. However, I think I'll keep doing the heavy work myself to avoid the tectonic plate shifting that you described!

  18. Sorry about the truck (#3?) and I like the new sewing table. Glad we're here so you can vent!

  19. That truck looks just the right size to haul a couple bolts of batting in. And think of all the flowers and bushes it could transport.

    In the long run it isn't worth arguing about. But isn't it fun making up?

  20. Mel! I have that sewing table. It's made here in Maine. You will love it. It is completely height adjustable and has plexiglass inserts to fit any machine. I would also love to have an old pickup to haul soil and mulch. I have 2 acres and a Toyota Yaris. argg

  21. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Sounds like every married couple.

    Great table....good luck to Dave with the truck.


  22. Anonymous9:36 PM

    That truck looks like it could use a "custom" look. How about knitting it a cap or tuque as its referred to in Canada. Check out the Strato Tuque on this 1963 Pontiac Strato Chief.

    Would Dave go for it if you let him pick out the colors? :)

  23. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I'am glad to hear other retired people yell & stomp etc. I love the sewing table. Can you share were you got it. Love the dawgs.

  24. Same vein, different setting...4-5 rounds of golf with cart equals 1 queen size quilt top and you have something to show for it.....

  25. I am very interested in that table also. I would love to hear where it is coming from and how you like it. It looks like just the thing for me.

    And I thought he stopped driving? That would be the real grrr.

  26. Just be thankful he didn't come home with another motor bike!!! Now the table, I am green with envy.

  27. Melody - Just be glad it wasn't another motorcycle!!!


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