Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Work

Yeah Baby!
Hand dyed cotton, bits of silks, fused, mounted on batting, and wrapped around a cradled wood panel. 10x10x1". $100 Email me. SOLD

What I love the most about making quilts is the designing. What I love about the collages I am painting is also the designing. I love not having a plan, and just diving in and seeing what happens. The PROCESS.

What makes my quilts my quilts is my fabric, and when I make a quilt using plain solids or commercial fabric, I know that the same look could be done by anyone, so it loses its personal touch. So I had better stick with the fabric I made.

What I love about the collages I make is that they are finished works, ready to hang with no tedious matting or expensive framing. What I love about my quilts is the finished top, before it is quilted, when it is perfectly flat and smooth.

And now, what I am loving about this presentation is the design, my colors, no stitching and no finishing. And since I am in charge of my art making, I can do this!


  1. Beautiful! What I love about this work is that it is so distinctly you.

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I'm so enjoying your new work, you always expand your techniques and creativity. Love your paintings, but also very partial to your fabric work. Hope you always feel inspired to explore both. And perhaps someday I will achieve my dream of owning a Mrs. Mel original!! Thanks for sharing the process.

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Just brilliant Querida!

  4. That's colorful - amazing!

  5. I prefer when with the fabric there is embroidery or quilting, more texture, it's not quite the same thing as the paper

  6. This is gorgeous, reminds me of a bright ice cream sundae!

  7. I love about this work is that it is so distinctly you. Thanks for sharing the process.

  8. Gorgeous piece - just found your work through Folt Bolt, and LOVE it!

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