Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Day in the Studio

The person who bought the first Painted Quilt painting, requested two more to hang as a set.
I liked the idea so I set about to make a series. I had already done Painted Quilt #2, but it was a different size, so I went with all 12x12 panels for the new work.
Here is Painted Quilts #1, and then #3, #4.
Acrylic, stamping, collage, ink on watercolor paper, mounted on cradled wood panel, 12x12x1"

And then lined up in a row.
And then I just had to play with fabric. I loved the plus signs in the paintings, made from stamps and it reminded me of my long time repressed desire to make a plus sign quilt.

Plus Quilt top.18.5x17" unquilted.
I chose a half yard of my hand dyed ombre cotton so I would have enough value contrast. I made a few plus blocks and some strip pieced parts and then then tried to find a way to arrange them that worked. That's really the part that I like doing the best. I am especially happy when I can get the parts to line up exactly. Since I didn't bother to measure anything or plan this design, the fact that some seams actually meet is a little miracle. ha!
There was some suggestion at our guild meeting that the small works done at the Gwen Marston workshop were just sketches and could be developed into larger quilts. I like the idea of small works, as you know. I don't feel they need to be made larger, or to think of them as preliminary to something else.
On Wednesday I had a lunch date with my friend Mary but made a small pieced top early, before I left. While I like most of it, the upper right hand corner is too wonky to 'go' with the rest of the top, so I will take that out and replace it.
The part I really like is the big red square and then the tiny periwinkle shapes. So tasty.
I'm happy that my studio is now working for both painting and sewing. After I did the two painted collages, I cleaned up the paint supplies and took a long nap and then came back to sew in the late afternoon. These naps are becoming a daily habit again, and making me more productive.


  1. Hi Melody, I'm from the Boston area, and just yesterday I say the Pilgrim/Roy quilt collection at the MFA. Your quilt with the red square reminds me of the traditional red squares I saw so often in the centers of the log cabin design. The show also reminded me of you because it is all about the ways the colors relate and react with each other-much more about the art elements of the quilts than the construction methods. (although they were impressive beyond belief).
    On another note, I very much enjoy watching this painting journey, and its relationship to the quilting. I just love connections!...thanks for adding a lot of interesting ideas to my blog reading!

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Hi Melody, I've been reading your blog off and on for a few years and lately it been mostly on. I enjoy seeing your paintings but my real love is your small fabric creations and your dyed fabric. The currently shown piece with the red square is interesting and you are right, the wonky pieced part in the upper right corner detracts. In fact, I don't think it needs any piecing there. I would like to see it with the fabric below the wonky piece extended to the top and perhaps cut narrower so that the red square is not centered. Anyway, thanks for an interesting blog and lots of ideas to stimulate my creativity. Love your garden photos and comments too.

  3. I think your small quilts would also work well as part of a "modern quilt" where it was surrounded with a great deal of negative space and then just quilted in an interesting manner. That is if you wished them to be larger.

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Naps are highly underrated!!!

  5. You are soooo good with color, Melody. What is with the dark and black & white?
    Are you depressed?

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