Thursday, June 05, 2014

Paintings Day 3

 Inlet, acrylic, collage, and ink on fine linen board. 5x7".
This was painted horizontally, and just now I turned it 90 degrees and suddenly it looked like a sea scape.  Sorta.
 Kitchen Sink #2, acrylic, stamping, collage, ink, on linen board, 11x14". I have no explanation for this. Alternate title: Road Kill.
Bubbly, acrylic, collage, ink, transparent transfer, stamping, on paper. 9x12".
I felt most at home doing this painting, because it felt like my fusing technique.

Kimberj please email  me.

I placed this last in this post but it was the first one I made, and then it went downhill after this. I am a tiny bit discouraged, but ready to get back on the horse again today.
Actually the first part of the day was spent making tissue prints from my gelli plate, and piling them up on my table to dry. The idea is to have a 'ready' supply of collage papers.

 Here's my worktable. Totally disorganized chaos. Or, um, organized chaos. Just a mess.

I have got to figure out a way to do this without the visual clutter. Messy is a not good working condition for me.
And now a little garden talk.
 At either end of this tub is cantaloupe, which I am trying to contain in tomato cages. The flowers are being overtaken by the sweet potato vines, which are tumbling out on the opposite side, just like they should. I may take some cuttings and root new plants from these, as I have two nice ceramic pots with nothing in them.
 The cantaloupe vines are encroaching on the zucchini, so I put a chair there to entice the tendrils to grab it instead.

Speaking of tendrils, here are the watermelons, interplanted with coneflowers. Good thing we have room for these vines, as they grow about 6 inches a day. Whew!


  1. Love your gelliplate pictures !
    Ha : wise tendrils ... you'll soon have a green carpet instead of the brown mulch/woodchips one hi, hi, hi !

  2. First off, I love your paintings today! The first one definitely looks like waves crashing... it was my very first impression even before I read your description... each of these pieces is totally distinct and full of visual interest! As for the mess, yeah that would make me crazy, but then my workroom is always a shambles when I'm working, so I have to give myself time to clean up a little most days.
    Your garden is amazing! I wonder if it won't get totally overgrown before all those vines get done? But you're gonna have some yummies before long!

  3. Road Kill! (or Kitchen Sink #2). I love it! Amazing how you can get the bright colors of your quilts in a painting. And as for the mess - creating is sometimes messy.

  4. AustinNancy2:31 PM

    I have fallen in love with Inlet. I saw it as a seascape before I read your comments.

  5. Body Snatchers! Tendrils always make me think of that movie. BEWARE! LOL
    Love how your garden grows!

  6. I make a big mess too whenever I'm in the middle of a big project. We have no place for a garden but my dad always had a huge one when I was growing up. You sparked warm memories, thanks!

  7. Yes it is a seascape! Your tubs look really healthy and bright.

  8. Love your freeing. Garden is looking great.

  9. What do the dogs think of this garden?

  10. love your paintings keep it going you are good at a things art. You might as we et the melons vine to the ground the vines can get 10 foot wide and the fruit will be heavy.

  11. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I like Kitchen Sink #2. Made me smile right away. Maybe I would call it something Braided Lobster! ( Now I am singing Rock Lobster in my head.) Beth

  12. Bubbly is my favorite! I love all your experimenting! Be careful with the coffee cup mixed in with all the table of work. A couple weeks ago I ended up dunking my brush in it. EEEgads!!!!

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