Monday, May 12, 2014

Enthusiasm in the Garden

Yellow Straightneck Squash and Zucchini are growing in leaps and bounds. So are the green beans and basil. In the tub behind this one, I am waiting patiently for the cantaloupe to do something. Actually, I started those with seeds and nothing happened (according to my impatience!) and so I got some plants. Then my seeds sprouted so I have more cantaloupe than planned. No complaints.
And on the other end of the squash tub I have bush cucumbers...C'mon cucumbers!

 We've surrounded the hotter west side of the pond with flower boxes for shade to keep the water and fish cool, and it is working. The white floaters are styrofoam plates which are temporary water lilies until my lily pads emerge from their rootballs. The papyrus and lysimachia are potted and sitting on concrete blocks which have openings where the fish can hide. We have four 29 cent goldfish, and they are happy little guys. The filter we got is doing a heckuva job, keeping the water clear.

The pepper and beets are so lush, already. I couldn't be happier. The beets will be all those new colorful varieties, like yellow, red/white, red and orange. And there'll be beet greens to eat too.

Dinner Plate Dahlias, and then rutabaga!

 We're all up early, checking out the new growth and enjoying the birdsongs before the heat hits.
I've been holding off on finishing the planting until today. The day after Mother's Day is when the plant sales really happen. I can get great deals if I am there at the right time.
The red onions have grown three inches in as many days, and yet I still await the sprouting of parsley, chives and cilantro seeds. Patience...


  1. Gorgeous! And I love the pond... what a sweet oasis for those goldfish! You inspired me to hit Home Depot and take advantage of their sale on roses this weekend... haven't had roses in ages, and their fragrance is wonderful, along with my Lilacs which decided to bloom this year... Spring is here!

  2. Wow- your plants are growing like crazy! The garden is already so lush it doesn't look like you just planted it!

  3. You inspire me! Not feeling great but think I could do a trip to the garden center to see if there are any sales in Texas....needing shade flowering plants.

  4. OMG I can't believe how quickly your garden has grown. I love the pond too.

  5. Wow! Cannot believe how much y'all have done! Beautiful.

  6. Diana from SC4:21 PM

    Love the water you keep track of the temp of the water? Here in SC the temps have already been in the 90's. Miss the water garden. Everything looks so healthy and green. Good luck.

    1. I do have a water thermometer, leftover from checking the temps in our hot tub, but haven't used it here. What would I do if the water got too hot, add ice cubes? haha! The fish take cover in the concrete blocks or under the floating plants. I am not worrying about them.

  7. Your garden is so exciting. I wouldn't have dreamed it would look so good so quickly. The flowers really brighten things up. Can't wait to see the colored beets!

  8. Your garden is jumping up out of those tubs! That is amazing!
    My three week old peas are only six inches high if that... Guess I'd better get some more amendment into the soil.

  9. Anonymous10:15 AM

    You know that the cantaloupe, squash and cucumber will cross pollinate if they are planted too close together. If that happens the squash will taste fine but the rest won't be as delicious as you would hope. In my experience the cucumber will be bitter and the cantaloupe not very sweet if that happens. Hope it doesn't happen to you.

  10. Anonymous7:12 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous9:41 PM

    The garden looks lush and wonderful already and I love the little water sprayer in the pond,bet it makes a lovely sound. Julie

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