Thursday, May 15, 2014

Collaborating with Stephanie

Hi Melody,

This is exciting.  

1. Between 15" and 18" long. If you have an idea and need to discuss price, I am open (for instance, if you'd like to do a diptych, contact me and let's talk).

2. Vertical orientation

3. High contrast and/or vivid.  I like the jewel tones and the more vivid colors and sometimes you add a bit of a complementary color that makes a point.  Fruit Punch, Roy G. Biv, Con Brio, It's a New Day, Papaya Parkway all have color schemes that I like. 

4. No embellishments.  I would like some quilting on the piece (either hand or machine), embroidery is up to you.

5. I prefer the more abstract (although I really like the Treehouse series and Radiant Orb). 
 I think the series that captured my imagination most of all was the one you did about Streets, Avenues and Boulevards (my own name for it). Tangerine Trails and Orange Avenue are favorites. 

 The Pier at Magenta Pond is lovely. 
 I really like the wavy lines and the dots in your work (they remind me of grasses and seaweed).  The overlay of blocks and other geometric shapes (like what you do with your Stacks) appeals to me.

6. Fused or pieced is fine, although I suspect that my preference for some wavy lines and dots indicates that some fusing will be involved.

I so enjoy reading your blog and listening to you talk/show your creative process.
From me:
I really sat up and took notice when Stephanie suggested a diptych, and I wrote back and we decided to do FOUR small works, along the lines of the Street Series, to work as a grouping. I am SO excited to create something like this again.


  1. Sounds good, I'm very curious how that will be. I like the way you make your beautiful pieces and follow your blog with lots of pleasure. Furthermore I wonder where you find the energy to move, start a new garden and go on with making your colourful work. Kindly regards, Eke Krug

  2. Yay! And I get the feeling Stephanie really studied and knows your work. She'll enjoy it all the more!

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