Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Make Me a Quilt : Melanie

For the sake of seeing how Melanie's choices play out, I am organizing her responses like a checklist.
Size and OrientationWide open, depending on the design. 
Colors: The colors that I really love are seen in the works:  Allegro, Full Sails, Day into night, Fuchsias for Ann, Moon Beam series……
Stitching: I love all of your stitching.  I really enjoy seeing a little bit of hand sewing on your work.  It adds a little bit of fun and whimsy I think.  Your fancy machine quilting is so beautiful too! 
Imagery: This is where it gets hard.  One of the pieces you did for another “make me a quilt” was “Fuchsias for Ann".  I loved that quilt. 
 I loved the colors and the imagery.  I love the recent trees with moonbeams that you have done too.  What I like about those especially is when you have a commercial printed fabric mixed in with the hand dyed fabrics.  I have aways loved your tree house series and the tree series quilts.  I also am fond of Allegro,
 Full Sails, 
Day into Night, 
Moon Beams series
 and Leaves for Janet for composition.  I know I have given you a pretty broad range to pick from.  Some of the details that I like in one series is not applicable for another.  I like the whimsy that you create in many of your works but then I loved Fuchsias which is very sophisticated.  Two very different directions…..    Are you feeling like one subject over the other?  I want to give you the freedom to create what you love.  If I have not narrowed this down enough for you let me know and I will give it another shot to be more specific.
So, yes, I was in need of more specific choices, and after a few back and forth emails, we decided to do a floral along the lines of the Fuchsias, with a different flower. So this will be a brand new design, and I am totally enthusiastic for the challenge.


  1. Your Fuchsia for Ann is one of my favorites, too. Can't wait to see this one! Have you ever done dogwood? I can't tell you what a kick it is to see "my" quilt on your website. Appreciated by so many. :)
    Maggie in Arizona

  2. Hi Melody, every time I see some new work from you, I am surprised and amazed. What a fantastic colors and designs. Where do you get the inspiration from?

  3. Melody, que hermosos trabajos!!!


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