Sunday, April 06, 2014

Make Me a Quilt : Bonus Quilt


Hand dyed and commercial cottons,
fused, and machine quilted. 19x22"
Not made for a specific person,
$300 Sold
 I contacted the next person on the list and have not received a response, but wanted to be working in the studio on SOMETHING, so I decided to do a second version of a quilt I really liked making. I didn't have a pattern, but could look at the first one on Pinterest and get the gist of how it was made.
I challenged myself to use just scraps and hoped it would make a dent in my scrap collection. It did, the teeniest, weeniest dent.


  1. Nice quilt!
    I'm revamping my studio and wanted to re-read your many posts on lighting, hanging, etc. Is there a way to search your blog for a particular topic like that?

  2. Another fun quilt. Wonderful imagery on this one and those colors-oh those colors. Sigh. Only wish there was some more machine and hand quilting on it.

  3. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I love the richness of the colors in this wonderful quilt. Julie

  4. I think you should continue to make dents in your scrap collection…….that is gorgeous!

  5. Judy from Northport6:49 PM

    So whimsical, makes me smile...


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