Friday, March 14, 2014

House of Sofas

On my way to the post office I stopped at  the thrift shop in search of a lampshade that clips onto a lightbulb, to fix the Ikea lamp that I broke. Regular lampshades don't fit on the European designed lamp. I was lucky to find just the right shade, and while I was there, I saw this brand new sectional sofa. This strange thrift shop has lots of new furniture on the floor, besides all the used clothing and appliances.  Dave has been mentioning getting a sectional for the new living room, so I took photos with my phone (first time!) and brought them home for him to see. Hmmm.

Thursday I thought we might go over and see the thing in person, sit on it and discuss where we would put the excess couches we still have. He liked it and in minutes we decided to buy it. We have a van, so one section at a time could be moved home. The thrift shop is only five minutes away.

The workers loaded half of the sectional in the van and it fit perfectly. When we got it home we had a struggle getting through the front door. We took off the feet, and that helped, but we have arched doorways and that made us tip the thing up on one end to get past that opening. It's a very heavy piece and on the fourth or fifth lift, my back went click and I was out of commission. Pooh!
Dave has some very strong muscle relaxants and gave me half a pill, and soon I disappeared. I was out for the entire afternoon. He returned to the thrift shop and picked up the second half and then found some construction men working in the next block and paid them to unload it into our living room. 

I felt lots better this morning, and we moved the old IKEA Ektorp couch to another room, and I washed the floor again to make it nice for the new couch. Tony took up his corner almost immediately. 
 This is a new sectional, with the tags still on, and very very inexpensive. It is not leather, or vinyl, but something like pleather, which wipes down and sheds dog hair beautifully. We decided that if even if this only last three years we won't be upset. Tony is a chewer and Chumley is a licker, so we feel that we have both covered. And it's RED, for heaven's sake.
Dave and his new friend, our neighbor Larry, planned to go golfing today, and Dave found some left-handed golf clubs on Craig's list and got a real deal of course. He loves to 'beat the system'. While we were deciding about the couch at the thrift shop, I spotted this Titleist golf bag...$10.
Now that's a good shopping day!


  1. You guys are amazing! Sure hope your back is fully recovered... meanwhile, you should have your own reality show: The Adventures of Melody and Dave, co-starring Tony and Chumley! You could probably find lots of sponsors... all the places where you shop! ;-)

  2. Love the red! I wish I were braver with color. It looks great.

  3. No surprise, but your color sense continues to delight

  4. Ha! JudySail Fiber is so right! I'm looking forward to more house posts!

  5. The red is perfect it is so "Melody"

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Querida, what a find!! I love it. Looks spectacular!!!

  7. What a great couch! It looks perfect in that space and is just so...Melody! I hope that your back recovers quickly!

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Melody, I want to visit that shop! Great buys! Nancy

  9. Oh gosh you are lucky to have such a shop so so near.

  10. Susan M11:49 AM

    You certainly are a great shopper!! A woman after my own heart!

  11. I love your red couch! and so dog friendly!

  12. Love the couch, it is beautiful

  13. It looks like it was meant to be yours!

  14. Wow, what a lucky find! It seems to suit you perfectly.

  15. I love Tony's new red couch! It looks perfect. Hopefully he will share with you and Dave!

  16. Dave sounds so much like my husband who also loves to "beat the system". With my guy, it's Ebay for everything, including, of all things, underwear. His favorite phrase, "Hey, it was free shipping!"

  17. Oh! I love the red couch. After all, Red is a neutral isn't it!!!

  18. That red couch is fabulous! I have a red sectional too and I love it.

  19. Not only is the sofa gorgeous and a real find money wise, but your quilt is really showcased. I LOVE all the color and I love seeing the bookcases all organized. It's FUN moving into a new home and your's is fantastic!

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