Monday, March 10, 2014

Collaborating with Janet

Hi Melody,
I'm so excited about getting this going!
Here are my answers to your questions. 
1. Size:  24" by 15"  
2. orientation: horizontal
3. color scheme: high contrast, vivid, somewhat earthy (but I think really more jewel tones?  Describing colors with words can be tricky!  What I mean is I like the bright, somewhat intense warmer colors, with some cool mixed in, but not too much....)
4. surface treatments:  I'd like some hand-quilting if you can add it, but OK if you don't.  Not too squiggly, please, if you do, just lines, waves and maybe some circles, if applicable.
5. imagery: abstract, geometric.  I like the lines, and hand-dyed shapes and some dots.  Don't know what you mean by atmospheric...  I like a landscape feel, but not too obvious
6. fused or pieced:  I like the look of the piecing (and I'm a piecer myself), but if you need to fuse some in the interests of time, that's OK.  
love the design, but a little bit too much green.  I think something like this would be great horizontal.
love the design, would like more orange in this kind of color scheme
like the design and colors of this one.  Maybe add some orange, too?  Maybe just a few dots?  Like the hand-quilting.
love the design, but not so interested in such a blue/green palette
Like this one a lot, only I want something a little bit bigger, and with a little more color variety.


love the design, not necessarily all that blue.  I like the "landscapiness" of this one.  It is one of my top three, along with the next two.

really like the idea of this one, although a little too dark or blue, or something...  This is one of my favorites, with the hand-dyes and lines and dots and off-center abstract shapes, and lines reaching out to the edges.  This might be one of the main ones to use as a taking off place, although the next one even more so...

love, love, love this one!  This might be my most favorite.  Could we do something like this only more the size I'm going for?  I would maybe buy this one if it was in the right size!  I think in a bigger size, it would be even better, because then some of the larger (hand-dyed) abstract shapes could be a little larger for some eye-resting places, which I'd like... 
I think from these last two what I'm realizing is that my favorites are these really interesting and surprising ones!  
The very first one also has that appeal.

Well, I really hope this isn't too much!  I think I've given you enough, if not too much, to go on!  You can probably tell I really like your work, and have been thinking about this a long time.  
I am very sure I will be really happy with whatever you decide on!
I like this quilt, but not so much the shiny fabrics.  I love the "lush, vibrant and intense" colors.

Love, love love this quilt for the color, composition and details.
LOVE this quilt!
Love the little squares and little surprise details.


  1. Very cool... my first time seeing this blog. I am following you on bloglovin' for sure!

  2. I have a Quilt Blogs bookmark and have a comfortable number of blogs that I read, faithfully, every morning with my coffee. You are one of them. I was reading Terry Grant (andsewitgoes.blogspot) today and she talked about not having as many comments left as she once did and she wonders if she is blogging in a "void." Essentially, I think people are still reading but not connecting. So...naturally....I left her a comment. And then I decided to go back to everyone else I read this morning and say "hi." I love your work. Thank you.

  3. Good luck on the house sale! I am praying that they know all the hard work has been done and they can just sit on the porch sipping a beverage of their choice.

    I did go hunting the missing images yesterday so very glad you posted them today! I too check in every day to see what you may have posted.

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