Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Big Snow

It snowed like a pillow fight for hours and nothing stuck to the roads, so I thought..."Good day to go out shopping for groceries and a new cell phone". Turns out I wasn't alone. All the schools were closed and the stores were jumping. I got what I wanted and returned home before the cold descended and the snow began to stick. This was the scene when I woke up this morning. Gloriously beautiful, if you have no where to go.

It's already melting, and the temps are expected in the mid 40's today and 50's tomorrow. Great!
We had two brief power outtages during the night, around 3am, heralded by a beep from something, maybe the smoke detectors. The beeps woke up the dogs who then decided it was breakfast time and so we all got up. They went out, ran around and came back in quickly.

 I got my new phone. Welcome to the 21st century. My new number is 423-362-2476.


  1. Snow is at its best when you have no where to go. Enjoy your day.

  2. Having now experienced a bit of snow in a hilly place (but nowhere else), I now think snow is grand when it melts within a day of falling! It looks pretty for a while but I'm not sold on this idea of snow that sticks. BTW, welcome to the android club!

  3. This weather has been so strange. While the south was getting pounded, here in northeast Ohio is was sunny and no wind.

  4. It sure was pretty while it lasted tho. Melody, you may want to reconsider showing your new number for security reasons, etc.

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