Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photo Ready Studio

Now we have the challenge of making this house look move-in ready. It is, but we are still living here for two more weeks. When we close on the other house we will stage this one like they do on TV. I have been doing my homework and will declutter like crazy, and when the dawgs are out of here, it will be so much easier to keep it showable. After we close we will move out most of our stuff so that it looks the best that it can.
The photographer for the listing website is coming on Friday and I have a plan to do one room at a time to get ready. Then we go LIVE online and if we have to show the place that will be another challenge. We'll be getting the dogs and us in a car and leaving the scene. That'll be fun. NOT.
We were told that the inventory in our county is very low, so people looking for a place in January are serious and since there isn't much to see locally, that helps us.
We know my sewing room is never this neat, but I wanted to make it appealing even for a non-quilter.

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  1. Melody, I'm just catching up on some blog reading today ~ lots to catch up on here! I remember your last move from Chicago (just as I was moving there). You seemed to make that big change with enthusiasm and grace and I expect this one will be the same. Sorry to hear the circumstances, but things seem to be falling into place nicely, which makes me happy for you. Wishing you and Dave all the best as you continue on your adventures.

  2. Your sewing room looks great. As a former Realtor, consider doing a virtual tour. It really gives people a great feel for your home. Good for you leaving when buyers come to look, there is nothing worse than sellers in the home except for maybe parents of potential buyers!

  3. Judy Morningstar2:47 PM

    Your studio looks fantastic! Yes, keeping the place perfect will be a challenge, but it is only 2 weeks.... I hope the first people who look at it buy it for a huge buck! I would, but I am Canadian and am addicted to the 40 below temps. So glad you are approaching your move with such enthusiasm! Soon that won't be a beige house, it will be a Melody house!

  4. Diana from SC3:58 PM

    Best of luck with the sale of the house and the move. The new house looks great. Take care.

  5. You are doing great Meolody...... Some couple is getting a great yard and various outdoor living areas..... who can complain about inside?

  6. Your studio looks great - people will be able to see it as a flexible space - kids room or whatever. Well done. When we had our place on the market I cleaned the kitchen til it gleamed, then we are food from the local deli, or ate out, for the two weeks it was being marketed. Knowing people could drop by anytime and I didn't have to do a further clean made such a difference, and a coffee bean on the stove created all the aroma I wanted!

  7. Make sure your realtor includes some of your beautiful photos of the garden in bloom. Also have some placed in area in the house. It may be hard for buyers to see how beautiful it can be this time of the year.

  8. I just started reading your blog a week ago and am hooked! Love your quilts and I am so jealous of your new house. We are getting ready to downsize and I will be leaving my huge sewing room :( and fabric room (a bedroom off the main room). We have been looking for a new place but haven't found 'the place' yet. Good luck on selling your old place, congrats on the new place.

  9. Your home will be a showplace for sure! We bought our place because I found it online, and it didn't look nearly as good as yours, believe me! Yikes! Two weeks to get everything moved but the little you leave for the showings? I would be going nuts if I only had that much time to get things packed up... and you're taking on a new quilt project to boot! Amazing... ;-)

  10. Sharon10:44 AM

    I'm going to bet your place gets snatched up quickly. It's a dream country place. I love your new house and can't wait to see you put the Melody touch on it. :)

  11. You are an inspiration for me. I'm never able to go out of the box in my thinking. When I see your work I envision that some day I will be able to do that.
    Etty at

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