Friday, December 13, 2013

Collaborating with Karen

Oh goodie! I can't wait to see what you come up with for my quilt.
Some of my favorites I like are the Leaf light detail;

 all of the pine tree series and the Tree house series.

 I also like the one that have the sun/ or is it a moon shot behind the silhouette of the trees. (not sure of the name for that one) 
1. Size - I'm thinking 22 inches should work for the space I have in mind.
2. Orientation - doesn't matter - whatever works best for the piece you create
3. Color - I love purple, turquoise, maroon, pinks, red, yellow and green - I'm thinking high contrast colors of a bright sunshine filled garden with lots of flowers.
4. Surface treatments - hand quilting, machine quilting - what ever you feel like playing with! (oh and I love buttons so if one or two sneaks onto the quilt that would be fun)
5. Imagery - I'm open to whatever works for the piece - botanical, atmospheric, abstract - it all sounds good to me.
6 Fused or pieced - I'm very open to either and or both. 
I love your hand dyed cottons and also I love dupioni silks!
I'm looking forward to a bright cheerful quilt that reminds me of my home and my garden! LOL ... I'm even thinking of re-painting my bedroom to match my new quilt.

From me: This will be fun!

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