Thursday, October 31, 2013

You Light Up My Life

I am over the moon with happiness to finally have correct lighting over my design wall and work station. What a huge difference this makes in getting good photos of my artwork, making the artwork, as well as having a wire free, power strip free floor to walk around. All those floor lamps have been removed, as well as the track light with spotlights that made more shadows than light.

This is the way it was lit before. I actually had two floor lamps and another hanging lamp over my sewing machine which had a cord to get in the way too. cords to plug in or trip over. Yay!
Over in Dave's room, the closet light and the shower light are in, and the walls are up and the drywall guys are smoothing out the surface, almost ready to paint in there.

Left: the door on the driveway side, and a bit of the stair leading into the room. That wall used to be my studio! LED fixtures in the ceiling, as well as the track lights make this a bright room. Right: the view from the driveway door. The bathroom wall is on the right and down the room you can see the space where the bedroom will be. The room is 29 feet long.

And my hallway floor is now installed, well, almost finished. This is the Pergo laminate, just like my bedroom, and walk-in closet. It will also be the flooring in Dave's new room. So clean and bright.

Shhh! Chumley is sleeping in...



  1. Oh the Lights are Fabulous - I am so jealous. I have the dreaded wall sconces and floor lamps in my sewing area. Love the floor color, too.

  2. So nice to see the progress your remodel is taking; it is looking wonderful.
    And that Chumster is just too cute!

  3. Your project is coming along wonderfully! Your lighting is just what I need in my sewing room. My room is dark even with the lights on! Would you be willing to share what you had installed? My eyesight is not great and with it getting dark earlier it is really hard to see. Thanks!

  4. Wowzers! This remodel is looking fabulous. LOVE your lighting. So Chums is sleeping in....where's Tony Barony?

  5. Your lighting looks great...can you tell us more about what kind it is and why you chose it. Thanks for your time.

  6. Sleeping in or hiding from Tony?


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