Friday, September 06, 2013

Minor Adjustments

I had to do a bit more rearranging yesterday as the construction may begin next week (I hope) and I really have to decide where the lighting will be going. I know I need light over my sewing machine, and my worktables, but I keep trying to find that 'perfect' spot for everything, to make working efficient and comfortable. Impossible!
But I did find one really wonderful thing...The boxes of threads that I use are right behind my right hand when I sit at the machine. I can pull out a box, find a thread, return the previously used one, and put them all back on the shelf at once. No more 50 spools all over the sewing room, unraveling and enticing puppies.

I put my tables at right angles to each other so I can reach the fabric (in the dark, so far) and also tuck the two fabric bins under the table when not in use. I adjusted the spot lights (grrrr) so they hit the table's surface, and that helped me see better, but I still need real overhead lights there. The small space turns out to be a boon. I swivel to reach things rather than walk over to the other side of the room to get them.
 I bought lots of Command Hooks to hang rulers, and scissors etc. But so far I have only used two, as I want to be sure I put them in the necessary spots.
17002-VP-6PK Command(TM) General Purpose Hooks
The stereo keeps being moved out of the way, and while this placement is just not right, reception is good, so it will stay there for a while.

I have said it before, but I loves me some ROUTINE and after walking the dawgs, having a cuppa and blogging, I walk upstairs into the loft studio, turn on NPR and begin to work. So satisfying.


  1. Things are looking good! I'm with you on that routine thing...I've been out of mine for awhile and it's taking its toll!

  2. Melody, have you tried this? If you go to the website of your favorite radio station, there is almost always a place you can click to access the livestream. This way, the radio comes through your computer speakers, perfect reception, and you can place your laptop wherever you like as the radio streams out crystal clear!

  3. Nothing more important than getting your space set up for efficient workflow! I like that your worktable is in the center and accessible from all sides. Have you thought about turning your sewing table around to face the window? Then you could simply turn around and sit down to sew without having to having to walk around to the other side of your sewing table. You can keep the threads and sewing machine accessories in a small rolling cart to your left, near the wall. As for the lighting, I had several recessed lights installed evenly across the whole room. Now the light is great everywhere, no matter how I arrange the furniture. You can use a dimmer if you want less light, or install 2 switches so only half the lights come on when you want less intense lighting. So much fun setting up a new studio space!

  4. Looks great! I like a small space, too. My kitchen is the same way. Pivot, maybe one, two or (tops) three steps, and there I am. No packing a lunch before setting off for the sink, range, fridge, wherever. :)

    Are those thread drawers in the cubby...sideways? Don't the spools fall out when you open the drawers? Are these magical snap-in-spool thread drawers? Do tell!

    Love watching all your reno projects, plus knit, quilt, garden, dawgs.

  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Just a suggestion for the stereo... Maybe you could put a shelf over the window between the book shelves and place the stereo there?

    Becky from Indiana

  6. Brige3:30 PM

    My suggestion is get a short book shelf for "under" the window and put the radio there and other things you need to have handy.

  7. these are cheap, about $20
    •Dimensions: 29.69"W x 11.65"D x 31.65"H

    I bet Ikea has something like it.


  8. brige3:48 PM

    ugh... never mind I see you need the floor space for the chair to roll back. At first I thought you had more floor room behind the chair or could move the sewing table foward but your space is tight up there in the loft.

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