Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Construction Begins!

I couldn't be happier to see my guys show up today to start on Dave's new bathroom and boudoir. Actually we refer to it as his Rhooooohm,  ala The Pink Panther. To us this is de rigueur silly talk, and since we often retreat to our own Rhooooohms, we say it a lot. The plumber, Charles, and the electrician/carpenter Keith are here early and already we have made changes to the spacing of the tub, toilet and vanity. I want a closet at the end of the bathroom, accessible from the entrance to the room, for Dave's 15 coats. I kid you not. I have too many socks and he has too many coats.

Keith re-measuring. The jackhammer will be coming in to get through the concrete to install the plumbing. On the other side of this wall is the laundry and water heater, making it a short distance to hook it up. FYI this entire room was an afterthought by the original builder/owner, and was an enclosed screened porch, which then got further enclosed with walls 9'6" tall.
We are trading our sliding door for French doors which have the built in blinds, making it a curtain free area. Yay!!! Fewer places for the spiders to hide.
I am about to quilt Bonnie's quilt and while I don't want to spoil the surprise I will show something I thought I would use and then realized it was a bad idea. But still so neat.
I cut these shapes from my hand dyed fabrics, and don't they look real? Nothing has been added but the stem bits. They even have built in shadows!
I'll find a way to use them in something somewhere down the line. Actually have a few more pears that look like this too. I cut a bunch and then the design just didn't work. I really and truly love where the design ended up, and I'll be posting it in a few more hours, so stay tuned.
And one more thing or two.
My Niece Glory is pictured on this sheet music catalog

I am such a proud auntie!


  1. YAY!! Construction (and destruction...haha)at last. My SIL is having a new kitchen put in her house and it's such a mess right now with all the dust, etc. but she's holding off doing any major cleaning until it's completely done.

    I'm sure it'll be worth the inconvenience, though. Isn't it amazing what people do to houses when they "add-on"??? We have some rooms in our house that we think...what WERE they thinking??!

  2. Your niece is a pretty girl and I think she looks a lot like you.
    I will be watching for the construction pictures. since there is no hope of construction or remodeling for me (apartment) I will just enjoy yours.

  3. Talk about disruption for construction! It is going to look a million dollars I'm sure my quilt will. I cannot wait...I mean I really cannot wait!

  4. Judith P.4:56 PM

    Hope your construction project goes well. Remodeling can be so disruptive. Love Bonnie's quilt too.


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