Monday, September 09, 2013

Collaborating : Patte

I sent Patte an email 'questionnaire' to learn her ideas for our collaboration.
She wrote:
I went back through the quilts on your website. Under the Silken Moon is my absolute favorite. Moon imagery is one of my favorites .  
I also love your colors and mystery in Midnight Rain in the Urban Series. And the movement of color is spectacular in Sunstorm and Desert Sky. I definitely want a vertical orientation and love long skinny pieces. I don't have a specific favorite color but love high contrast, dark and murky, earthy. My husband dives so I have quite a bit of marine art around with lots of blues/greens.
Under A Silken Moon
Desert Sky


Midnight Rain

So I looked at her choices and saw that three out of the four are horizontal formats, not long and skinny. Hmmm. After a few back and forth emails, we settled on a cropped version of Under A Silken Moon, horizontal, at 18x13" in mostly silks, which will be quite different from the original cotton version.
I still have the original drawing of the piece, so I am halfway there! I am excited to start pulling silks to see how the color scheme will change for the new work.

While doing my emails this morning, Tony crawled between my legs and went to sleep. I snuck out my camera and snapped this view, and then he woke up and turned around to see what made that sound. Such a good little cuddler.


  1. Seeing those quilts isolated and grouped together make me so happy! Love them all. Can't wait to see what happens on "my" quilt. And Tony is just too cute!

  2. Oh tony...what a little cracker!

  3. Can't wait for this one... silks are so beautiful. And Tony, he has gone to heaven. I like it when animals have the homes they deserve.

  4. "MOM! You're showing everybody a picture of my butt??? I know it's cute--but really!"

  5. Yay, another fun start!! I am so loving watching your process with each of these special projects! I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are.


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