Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweaty Before Seven

I woke up earlier than usual, charged with a mission: clear out the old studio so the renovators can get started early next week. All my stuff needed to be moved out, and when Dave woke up I enlisted his help to move tables and chairs so I could unload the Wall o'Wool onto the cutting table. We still need to bring the rest of the furniture out of there, but Dave had other things to do, so it can wait til tomorrow.

Having accomplished what I could on my own, I decided today was design wall moving day. First, remove the batting cover, and all the zillions of pins still stuck into the foam.
My loft studio has much shorter walls, so I cut off 18" from the Styrofoam boards and then brought them upstairs. I knew I could hang the boards from the existing hanging system I had installed six years ago. To reinforce the Styrofoam boards, I taped big washers on the front and back and then pierced the tape with fishing line to use as a hanger. Picture hanging hooks completed the task.

There is an outlet which I will no doubt put to use, so it cannot be covered by the design wall. I saw a great hint some time ago on Pinterest. I used dabs of gel toothpaste to mark the outlet, then pressed the back of the foam board onto it and after removing it, I saw exactly where I would need to cut out my rectangular hole for the outlet. It worked like a charm. Then I pinned on the batting and cut away the space, pinning it back to reveal the outlet.

The batting-covered, shortened design wall is in place and is ample size for my future works. The bed and chair/ottoman will be leaving this space, as soon as the other room empties out. And two more tables will be filling this space. To say I am eager to arrange this into my new studio is an understatement. I am patient, and am focusing on designing Dave's new boudoir and bath, not to mention my walk in closet.
Here's how that demolition is going;

O my!

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  1. Time to take up mosaics?!

  2. Wow; you did all this before 7:00 AM?? Go, Melody!

  3. You have so much energy!!! Hope the rest of the redo goes easily. Am looking forward to seeing your after pictures.

  4. How long do you think it will be until you have a studio again?

  5. how are the pups dealing with this remodel and all the moving?

  6. Nobody could call you a procrastinator! Make a suggestion one day and it is almost a reality the next. I'm enjoying watching the changes.


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