Monday, August 19, 2013

Swatching and Planning

I have been distracted by planning this renovation and shopping for fixtures for the bathroom. Dave and I are going round and round about flooring too, traveling to Lowe's three times to look at options. We have been so preoccupied that we both lost Thursday. I mean it was Saturday and we were thinking it was Friday. We've calmed down a bit, but it has been difficult making a decision about the floors. As mentioned, we have five different floor coverings on just the first floor. I believe we are going to rip up everything but the living room heart pine, and put down porcelain, in 12x24" tiles.

Doesn't look that exciting in this photo, but it is in person.
I previously said that I would hate tile and wanted bamboo, but the dogs immediately scratched up the bamboo sample and that changed my mind. And I don't want to trust them with hardwood either, and I don't want anymore peel and stick anything, so that left me with tile. And wouldn't you know it, I fell right in love with this porcelain. Never say never.
To ease away from decision making, I have returned to swatching new yarns and knitting the jacket for Susan T.

And I am really liking the tremendously different variations of this Lion Brand Amazing colorway, Strawberry Fields. Yummy against the darker teal, especially since it is going to a gal with red hair.

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  1. I like that tile! It looks like bleached wood - so pretty and it will be easy to clean!

  2. I have lots of porcelain tile in my home and it is wonderful. I hope you and Dave enjoy it.

    This new sweater is the colors!

  3. We had porcelain tile put in our bathroom remodel last summer. I love it. It's very easy to care for but you need to know it's very cool on the feet, summer and winter. (We live in Oregon) I go barefoot around the house and enjoy the coolness, However, my husband's feet are always cold and he wishes we had put the floor-heating elements underneath the tile. You might want to consider that, especially for the bathroom, even though I like mine just the way it is.

  4. We have porcelain in our whole house, but we live in South FL so its expected. I love it, but it is very hard on your feet/legs I had to buy new shoes w/arch support! I have seen this wood looking tile installed in a herringbone pattern and it was FAB!!

  5. Nancy from Ontario8:59 AM

    We have what, I think, is the same tile. It's great with the dogs and hides well. It goes with any d├ęcor. I put a foamy mat at the sink and at my cutting station so my legs don't get tired.

  6. Yep... I will back up that tile is very hard on your feet, legs and back when you walk and stand on it all the time. It gets cold in winter also. Also you will need to put a solid hardboard (not sure what they call it) under the tile before installing because if the subfloor "gives any amount" your tile will crack over time if this hardboard is not used. So the hardboard is an extra cost on top of the tile cost.

  7. OMG! I love my sweater/jacket! It's beautiful! So exciting. It's going to be perfect for our winter here in Las Vegas!

  8. It looks beautiful, Mel. If you wear slippers you should be fine with the cold. Anywhere that you stand for awhile, put a rug... like the kitchen sink. It will be better for the dogs and we know who rules in your household. Can't wait to see photos of the floors in.

  9. I was so excited about my sweater I forgot to comment on the floors! My entire house is tile, except for the bedrooms. I love the look of it but.....the damn grout! Every little thing shows since the grout is a light color. I could make a career out of cleaning the grout and I have no animals and live alone. Granted, it's very dusty out here in the desert but I dry-mop or vacuum before wet-mopping and it still looks dirty. My suggestion would be to go with the darkest grout you can. Otherwise, stock up on toothbrushes and SoftScrub!

  10. Melody--

    I just had a thought and wondered what you do with all the leftover ends from your knitting. I'd love to provide a home for some of them.

  11. Good decision- I wanted bamboo in my kitchen despite the possibility of scratches from the dog. You know how when you have your heart set on something and you just tell yourself it will be fine? Well my girl scratched it on day 1 and there have been several more but it still looks great. However- I wouldn't do it again!

  12. You might want to look into a product called marmoleum. It's the green version of linoleum, and there are wood grain patterns that look terrific, plus it's easy on your legs.

  13. Judith P.5:34 PM

    Susan's jacket is going to be beautiful and I agree it will look wonderful with red hair. I've seen the tile you're considering at Lowes and like it a lot. it will make a good neutral background for your colorful furnishings.

  14. Michelle9:49 PM

    Google 10 Tablazon Ct Tijeras NM 87059 to see a whole house on Zillow done in the same or very similar tile. I first thought it was wood. We have the same dog problem and love the look of wood.

  15. Hi Mel, it's me, your DH. We have had one of roughest times deciding what kind of floor or floors to chose for this house. I'm not sure what the reason is for our inability to make a definite decision. What I do know for sure is that we both are lacking confidence in just this one decision. I think it's because we would both be so upset if we ended up regretting our final choice of flooring. But now your readers have come to our rescue with their confidence inspiring comments and positive attitudes. I can now say without a doubt after reading such great comments from what must be some great people, I am ready to be a grown-up and make a grown-up decision. I think we were both afraid of making the wrong choice and then having to live with it or spend a bundle to change it.
    After reading all the intelligent and very sincere comments regarding our floor choice I am filled with just the right amount of confidence to proceed with our pick. I would like to thank your readers for their priceless participation by leaving a comment. If it were not for them we might have ended up with dirt floors who knows!
    I hope they stick around to help us with the rest of the changes. I wonder how they feel about shower stalls or tile? Chrome or brushed nickel for faucets? Or...........

    going to cost us a bundle or else

  16. Hello's nice to meet you. It's also nice to know that you read the posts...and I have to agree with those that talk about the cold tiles in the winter. We have them in our bathroom and laundry. There is underfloor heating in the bathroom...and I'm so glad we put it in. So are the cats. On any cold day they can be found sprawled full length showing all their hairs and graces enjoying the warmth. In the summer they are beautifully win if you ask me! Well, you didn't ask but I told you anyway...

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