Monday, July 29, 2013

Completed Projects . . . Mostly

Now that my sister has her new house and is totally unpacked, it is time to make it just right for her and the family.
Our first project was to make a design wall in her third bedroom/aka The Studio. I gave her my second set of pin up boards and Command hooks and we erected them in place and pinned up the batting cover. Yes it could be neater, but we were in a hurry, and mostly the wibbly edges will not usually be in the picture. A big fluorescent light fixture is ready to be hung above the design wall, by her husband Terry.
She has been dyeing Special Editions, in preparation for offering them for sale soon, (college girl-daughter starts school in August!) and I will announce them here.

Next: This was the parking space in front of their house. They live on a corner lot and the driveway is around the corner, on the busier street, so parking here is what the previous owners instituted. It is unpaved and has puddles from our frequent rain.
It needs MULCH.
Coming to the rescue with trailer and pitchforks is Dave, Mr. Mulch. Dave and Terry met at the Signal Mountain Recycling Center where mountains of beautiful mulch is available for the taking. While they loaded it into the trailer, I knit.
Then they brought it here and spread a nice layer all over the parking space and in amongst the hosta, my housewarming gift to my sister. Must get her started right in the garden!
The mulch is so neat and clean and soft to walk on, plus it will absorb puddles quickly. Should they ever decide to turn this parking pad back into a yard, the mulch will be a good base for future sod.

Then, I have been concerned that they had no vent for their dryer hose, and had the exhaust coming into the house whenever they did laundry. So Dave and Terry, made a hole in the floor and then into the garage space below, where the dryer heated air could be expelled. What a difference. Yay you guys!

On the knitted jacket front, I am making fast headway. The body and now the collar and 3/4 of the first sleeve are knitted, and I will be posting the finished jacket very soon. It has been so fun to knit this yarn up.

And finally, a quiet moment with the napping prince Tony, just as he woke up. What a little darling he has turned out to be.


  1. Love the plaid pillowcases. Picnic by Liz Claiborne. Mine wore out years ago. I miss them.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    All I can say is I wish you were my sister. You are both lucky to have such a loving relationship.
    Carol Ann

  3. You guys are you ever stop? The jacket is looking just very lucky lady will be wearing it soon...even if it is hot!
    Tony is looking a little bigger already? Is Chumley protective of him?

  4. Wow - you all really transformed your sister's place! What a nice family. :-)

  5. What a cute house. How nice to have your sister close : )

  6. I agree, you never stop! What a difference some mulch and some hostas make! It looks so much nicer!
    Glad your puppy is turning out to be so sweet.

  7. I hope you don't read this as an insult when I saw the part jacket under the hose with the vent I thought it was to go round the hose I thought they are posh having such a lovely surround, it did make me laugh when I realised I hope you have a laugh as well. Thank you for your lovely warm blogs xxx

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