Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dyeing Q&A

Genny has left a new comment on the post "Day Two Results":

What colours did you use to get the special edition fabrics? All I ever get is murky browns, could you please tell us exactly what the colours were that you used.... thank you!

Yellows #1, #2, #3+#4 ( I mix those last two half and half)
Deep Orange #6
Fire Red #10
Fuchsia #13
Turquoise #25 and Cerulean Blue #23
All of those are from Dharma Trading Company. When two colors overlap, they mix, forming an in between color.
Make purple yourself from cerulean blue and fuchsia. Green is yellow+turquoise or cerulean. There are a million greens, some are even made with yellow+black.
But the real secret is what color to pour next to the first color, and then what after that.
I might begin with a yellow, any of them will be fine, and follow that with an orange, which happens to be next on the color wheel. From the edge of the orange I will use red-orange, and then from there red and from there fuchsia, and then magenta, purple, cerulean, turquoise, lime green and back to yellow.

The color wheel tells all, and this knowledge has been embedded in my brain, lo these many years.
To get mud or gray, put opposites next to each other. Yellow or lime next to purple, orange next to blue, red next to green, fuchsia or pink next to lime. Blech!
Also when doing lighter values, make sure the darker colors like cerulean and purple are super watered down or they will be too dark next to the lime or pinks.
To achieve tones, mix a full strength dye with a touch of its opposite or black, or brown. For example: fuchsia can be calmed down with a little green or brown. Orange can be tamed with a bit of cerulean, purple, or black.
I have a quick way of testing out the color before applying it to the fabric. Place a dot of liquid dye on a paper towel and then put another dot of color next to it and watch what happens. You'll learn a lot this way.


  1. Genny6:59 AM

    thanks so much! A whole blog, just for me! I am so honoured.

    thank you again
    Genny, Cairns Australia

  2. I am putting together a day of dyeing at my house for my modern quilt group in August and your dyeing is getting me motivated to start developing what I am going to teach for the day. The group seems to like things in writing so I need to get to experimenting and documenting! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you for the tip about the papertowel.

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Succinct and genius tips that will push me forward in my dyeing of fabric and yarn. Many, many thanks! Beth

  5. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Great info! Thanks for this post.

  6. I LOVE the pleated dyeing...thanks for sharing!!! Can you explain about the surface you're using and how you stop the dye from running all over?

  7. Fantastic post! I have been dyeing fabric for two years and it is interesting to read these tidbits about how you think when you dye.

  8. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Thank you, i always like your colors choice now i understand why....


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