Thursday, May 30, 2013

Planter Boxes, at last

Oooh, I am so happy to have finally found these planter boxes, after a long search. Everything I looked at was either too small or too expensive, or the wrong color. These were from Home Depot and they were only $18.47 each, but brown. No worry, I had Dave spray paint them white with Krylon for plastic, which worked great.

Now the six volunteer Sweet Autumn clematis have been planted and in a few short seasons it will be as huge as this one on our west side. It will grow way above the lattice, up into the eaves of the roof, and bloom in August (here), even tho we cut it down to the ground every February.
I love an enthusiastic plant.

Every year I post photos of my water lilies in bloom and this year is no exception. We have a ton of them again. There are 18 blooms on the white pads and 13 on the pink. And the smaller variety of our lilies are just opening today. Notice the black dots? Frog eggs. As if we need more frogs.

The Larkspur (everywhere in the yard) is beginning to bloom, in deep royal purple and our transplanted Julia Child rose is big and yellow and sending out new branches for more blooms. Yay!

A pure white set of peony blossoms has opened for the first time this year. The one on the right houses a spider.

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  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    So nice to know what paint to use on plastic if I should ever paint the pots in the yard. Interesting about the spider, but what I really want to know is do these peonies have fragrance?? My mom had peonies when I was a kid and I thought all peonies did but the few I have gotten to bloom in Texas have had no fragrance, bummer. I hope for the the arbors sake that the sweet autumn does not do as well in boxes as in the ground.... just jealous of course as that arbor sure looks fab.... don't frogs eat mosquitoes? If so, you need as many frogs as you have mosquitoes - yes.... I better go out and pull a few weeds while I am highly motivated... thanks.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    You are one lucky girl, living in paradise.

  3. You are lucky to have frogs, are they not a sign of a healthy Eco system?

    I remember ants loving peonies, we have some planted just outside of my condo and love the look of them.

    Enjoy your garden.

  4. A colourful garden to match your colourful quilts.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful! Thank you for the photo of the frog eggs, too. When we were kids we would scoop some up and grow them into frogs before we released them. I never see them anymore so I'm glad to see some.

  6. Kathy F6:24 PM

    Lovely garden. You have done a great job with it (again).

  7. Your flower photos look like paintings!

  8. Oh Melody, your blog is such a happy place! Love the planter idea. My clemetis died over winter so I'm in the market fora new one. So sad there's no gratuitous dawg shot today!

  9. Everything is so pretty! The water lillies are gorgeous! Let's hope the goldfish don't eat all the frog eggs!


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