Friday, May 31, 2013


Moving to the South, in my imagination, meant having Magnolias in my yard. One of the first plants we planted when we moved in was a small Magnolia tree, which was promised to bloom, and never did. Until this week! I saw the heavy buds and hoped they meant to open as a big flower, but I was really surprised at the size of the blossom. Wow!

This is that little tree. Only five years ago it was less than four feet tall, and now it towers above the house. It's a little spindly, since it doesn't get nearly enough sun to be really full, but it's the best we could do in our yard. We love that it now has many buds and three opened blossoms.
I have been car-less for a week and finally got my car back last night. What a drought of visiting and shopping I have endured. No more. I am off to see my sister today, in her new house in town! Yay!

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  1. The Magnolia blooms are yummy! We used to have them along some streets where we lived in So.Calif., and they were always gorgeous!

  2. I bet it smells heavenly.

  3. Kathy F3:24 PM

    My uncle has a magnolia tree in his front yard in the Bay Area of California. They are great climbing trees - not that they climb, but they are easy for kids to climb.


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