Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ready Set Sew!

In my quest to find a backup machine I went to the sewing machine repair man, Henry, 85, who is selling off his stock and will stick to just repairing machines. He didn't have my hoped for machine so he sent me off to the big dealer Ready Set Sew
I had never heard of this shop and WOW! was I surprised to see what they had. It has everything, except my hoped for used machine. But it has everything else one would want in a sewing machine shop.
Including fabric! And a top notch classroom.

You know I am totally retired, but the offer to teach in such a classroom, equipped with a digital projector, and a camera that shows the teachers hands as she demos, and throws the picture on the big screen for the students, is teaching heaven. I am hooked, like a big wriggly fish.

The owner's name is Melanie, and she is often called Melody, and vice versa. We immediately hit it off, and began to make plans. She may be attending the Modern Quilt guild meeting next Saturday, so we'll chat again.
I am so lucky to have a great yarn shop, a great quilt shop and a great sewing shop, all within an hour's drive from here in the boonies.  Yay!!!

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  1. Nobody says just because you're "officially" retired that you can't dabble a little! Retirement is supposed to be when you get to do what you want when you want, right? So don't teach tons of classes, just enough to keep your hand in. You can stop any time, right? Oh, yeah! Just enjoy and don't worry, then tell us all about it! Wish you were just a little closer to AZ! ;-)

  2. I'm drooling over all that yummy-looking thread. A person could really do something with that! Lucky you, to be so close to all that quilty goodness.

  3. Melody... I found my 6500P (after hearing you rave about it) on Craigslist. It was almost brand-new. The woman I bought it from had inherited it from her best friend who'd passed away. I didn't know the story until I met her to buy the machine and she had an acrylic sewing table and about 40 acrylic rulers in every configuration. I often think about that quiltmaker as I sew...hoping that she's sewing right along with me...making some of those quilts she had in her head. Hope she likes bright colors! Anyway...don't forget to check Craigslist in your quest for a second machine. I've seen several of them go by here in Houston

  4. That is very cool! Especially the projector!!!!

  5. Wish I lived closer to you!

  6. About the using up of what you have a previous post...I bet that goes by the by now that you have found a new shop! And teaching possibilities are so exciting for you. I am retired as well but still keep doing relief teaching. It keeps me out of trouble (!) while feeding my quilting habit at the same time. It helps when you work at something you love too...and I adore the special needs kids I work with. Go you!

  7. Oh why do you live there and not in the UK? Ever thought of relocating to Hamshire!

  8. I have 6500 I'd be happy to sell. It is in good, but not new condition. I got the 7700 as birthday present.

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  10. ohhhh I love when I walk into a nice shop like this. Still - my janome dealer has this little shoebox of a shop (literally shaped like that) and he is the best dealer ever. Would I like a dealer with all the fixin's - yep - but give me good service over pretty digs anytime.

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  12. They are VERY lucky to have you.

  13. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Sometimes I think photos of sewing shops, fabric and especially threads are like porn for fabriholics. They make us dissatisfied with what we have at home and create unrealistic fantasies. Either that or they're a window into possibilities, depending on your POV.


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