Sunday, April 07, 2013

Big Blue

The big blue quilt is ready to be quilted, in three parts. I have cropped it to show more or less how it will look when assembled.
The red strips on either side of the center part are really just placed there, but will be used as narrow connector strips in the finished work. See the photo below for clarity.

I made much more patchwork that I didn't use for this composition, and took lots of breaks, walking around, checking out inspiration on Pinterest and quitting early to read on the deck. At this point it measures 54x40", so I think that it a good size for a wall quilt.

Kat Fullilove
I was inspired by these paintings...
Jylian Gustlin
Cole Morgan.

This is how it looks on my design wall, but I could move it around in Picasa3 and I really like it better as a vertical.

GOOD NEWS!!! One of my readers sold me her Janome 6500P!

 Yay!!! She was gifted a 7700 for her birthday, so I am the lucky gal to get her oldie but goodie.

   the 7700
 What a relief to have the search end. I will set up one machine as a piecer and the other as a quilter and really get some work done!

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  1. Oh my! I love it! The colors are fabulous, and the composition is so simple and pleasing!

  2. you mentioned "patchwork"... is this pieced or fused? Lovely!

  3. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Gorgeous colour combination - my favourite!

  4. Melanie, Big Blue is pieced.

  5. Seriously? You started this on Friday and had the top pieced by Sunday?!? You're really bad for my self-esteem.

    Just kidding, but I have NO IDEA how you work so quickly! (And I don't just mean the piecing. Decision making can take a long time!)

  6. I want to eat it all up!

  7. Love your colour combinations and the bright colours very inspiring.
    Have had a 6500 for almost 9 years , what a work horse ,so reliable does all I ask of her.
    Happy stitching.

  8. A beautiful totally different quilt!

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