Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rain Day

Rain day, same as a snow day, but no shoveling. The pond is filling up fast and the new plants I bought are getting really really watered.
I'll be having a lazy day methinks. Maybe wander into the studio, maybe read or nap. La Dee Dah.
The Dawgs are snoring away as we speak.
I came home with the plants I planned to buy: begonias, supertunias, geraniums in glow in the dark pink,
And some I didn't plan to buy: four great varieties of hosta that I just had to have, such as Dream Queen

three new Hercules Heuchera,  that I didn't actually need, but loved the variegated leaf and pink flowers. They might end up in pots this year.
Lots of sweet potato vines came home with me too, in black and limey greens. Not to mention seeds! Cilantro, lettuce, parsely and lots of nasturtiums in three varieties, including the trailing Gleam which drives Dave crazy. Speaking of the Wonder-Husband... he weeded and tilled my veggies beds without request! What a man!

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  1. I just recently found your blog. I love your quilts and your flowers! But this is the first time I've seen your home. You have exactly the porch I would choose if I were building a home. Just beautiful. In my "real job" I do SEO writing and I've been writing for a client, Pond World. Love that you have a pond! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  2. What a beautiful picture of the house. I don't think I realized the porch wrapped around. It really is a little piece of paradise and I'm sure those who use the road in front are just as excited to see what you do next as we are!
    My mother did a little experiment one year where she took a photo standing in the exact same spot every month so she could really appreciate the changes in the seasons and the growth of the flowers and trees and landscape in general. Might be a fun little chronicle.

  3. Love the redbuds!

    Do you really have a quilt hanging outside on your porch/house wall? Love that, too. How's it holding up?

  4. hello !

    j'adore vos créations et vos patch, les couleurs sont si chatoyantes, gaies, pleines de peps' !
    et que dire de votre maison, un havre de paix!
    c'est tout simplement magique !
    bonne journée et bonnes créations !
    marina (France)


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