Monday, April 01, 2013

Flip and Quilt

Since I began this quilt with a finished small quilt, each added part has been sewn in the flip and quilt technique. One would think that I would carefully plan the size of the sides so I could easily plan the next round. Duh. I didn't, so there was a bit of fiddly sewing, but the round of squares managed to get fit, sorta. At this point it measures an unlikely 53" square-ish.  I am not the kind of quilter that points out non-matching seams, so let's just say there are a few, and who really cares?
For me, the point of this quilt is to use lots of prints and some solids, and make it colorful and cuddly. So it is already filling that bill.
If you've never done flip and quilt, a quilt as you go technique, here is a visual that may help. A strip of patchwork is sewn on at the same time as a matching size strip of lining fabric.
Then a strip of batting is placed next to the seam allowance and zigzagged in place. It is easier than it sounds. Butting the batting is essential; one or two stitches at the beginning catches the batt and you then just zoom along.
Many quilters have lots of leftover pieces of batting, and this a great way to use them up. Of course you will also be making more leftovers since there is always one more section that doesn't fit the remainders. O well.
One more thing, since each section is quilted before the next part is added, when the top is finished, so is the quilting, and believe me that makes this technique a dream.
OK back to work.

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  1. Sharon Jenkins12:02 PM

    So, when the batting is zigzagged on, is it only attached to the seam allowance?

  2. Hmmmm... can you show a photo of attaching the batting? Maybe halfway zigzagged. I don't quite get what you are saying.

  3. Hey Mel,
    Just wondering, do you buy big rolls of batting? What's your latest fave?
    Happy spring!

  4. Do you use a walking foot when you QAYG?

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I think it was "a good thing" that the squares didn't fit perfectly. It's much cooler with the thin separating strips. Must remember that look :-)

    Happy easter and hoping that the doggies didn't have to wait in wain for the easter bunny!


  6. Looking good, and thanks, I'm going to try this. Planning? Ha! Oh why spoil the fun.

  7. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Hi Melody,

    Love the quilt and this method sounds quick.. My question is are you zig zag stitching the batting to the top layer or just batting to batting ?


  8. A very beautiful quilt!


  9. Love this quilt. Have been trying lots of different QAYG methods but have yet to try this one - it's next on my list. Thank you.

  10. I especially love the red square with the criss crosses in the middle.


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