Friday, March 22, 2013

Quilting the Additions

Altho it looks almost the same as yesterday, everything here is quilted. I'll trim it to fit and continue to add the rest of the missing parts.

As I quilt the parts, I am using up lots of leftover sections of batting, some of which are cut to fit and others are pieced together using a zigzag stitch. It makes me feel good to empty my leftover batting bag.
Today is my day out, with a trip to Joann's Fabrics for necessary supplies, more batting and backing fabrics, and stuff.  I like to buy cotton prints that are not for prime time for my backs. I have a coupon for 25% off my entire order. Woowoo! Then I'll see my sister Brooke and onward to my knitting group. I am still knitting, but at a normal-person speed.
It got cold again, as March often does, and the Dawgs have called a truce to warm up by the fire after a quick walk outside.

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  1. My pugsies (and my dachshund) LOVE my new little wall heater so much. They line up like little sausages in front of it when I leave it on.

    I love your idea of using up your leftover batting!

    I'm wondering about your quilt (which is gorgeous). It looks like you will have to add a corner section QAYG. Is that a little trickier than straight edges?

  2. Oh, never mind. I looked at the picture again, and I see that the side sections are not joined yet.

  3. I'm so enjoying watching this one grow! You have such "vision"! And, as always, love the pics of the boys!

  4. Melody... If you don't already have it on your phone, get the Joann's App!! I went by there yesterday and at the counter I just called up the coupons online (on my phone) and handed it to her. I got 40% off the most expensive item AND the 25% off the whole order. Pretty cool! I would have thought I could only use one or the other..

    Lovin' the QAYG!!

  5. Great progress on the latest quilt, such cheery colors! Would you call those Bright pastels? or Bright tones? Thanks for the peek into your process and projects it always inspires me to go DO something!
    Having just lost our sweet little puggy girl this week I am soaking up all the pug-love in that photo of da'boys, give them some extra rubs for me, okay?

  6. Hmm, herei am wondering I about your so called normal person speed for knitting! I'll bet I'm still slower!
    Love the quilt!

  7. All of your quilts are looking fantastic and the combinitaion of colors are also very attractive.


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