Tuesday, March 19, 2013

QAYG Flip and Sew

This is a short review of how I am constructing and quilting one section at a time. The first panel: Front and backing fabric (right sides to the main part) are sewn to the main quilted section. Then a slightly larger piece of batting is butted up against the seam allowance and zig-zagged in place. The front and back pieces are then flipped back over the batting and I am ready to quilt that section.
The view of the attached and batted first section. Then the quilting is done. And the next picture shows three of the four sides attached and quilted.
We had a two hour power outtage due to thunderstorms. It was a lovely break. We read and napped and then it was all over. The lights returned and it was time for lunch.
I'll be attaching the fourth side today and designing then next round of the quilt.

It occurred to me that I don't mind showing a bed quilt in progress but would not want to show an art quilt in progress. The ta-da factor would be less. Actually I am not saying this will be a bed quilt, but it could get that big, maybe.
I had to take this picture of the Dawgs on Dave (who is wearing his Batman reading glasses!) If one of us is sitting down, the dawgs battle for the lap. In this case both won. Chester is holding his mousie.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I am going to have to try your method of QAYG.

  2. I've been interested in QAYG since I first read Georgia Bonesteel back in the 80's but have never tried it. You continue to tempt me, though. And since I'm making bigger projects now I think the time to try this is coming sooner rather than later. Thanks for all the lessons you've provided on your technique. Dave and the dawgs are looking very photogenic!

  3. Dave should always wear red!

  4. Wait, what is that mousie?? It looks real!

  5. This is my kind of quilt, and the quilting is exquisite.

  6. Thanks, for the show and tell! I like that method.

  7. Those dawgs must weigh a tonne! But they look very happy... as they always do when they've got what they want! Love the quilt you showed yesterday - those smoky colours were so cleverly set together. Just luverly!

  8. Yikes on the sewing machine. So maybe my can of air isn't good enough to reach into the far recesses of the machine.


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