Thursday, March 07, 2013

More Attic Quilts

Leaf Series  #3
Hand dyed silks and cottons, fused, machine quilted.
$350 Email me.
Well, this is turning out to be real archaeology. I found a Picasa web album of my 'available work' and discovered that yesterday's Split Circle was really named Cross Series #5 and was priced at $500, but sold yesterday for $250. A bargain!
  I found the name of this one on the same site, so I am not as disorganized as I thought. I love those pastel fabrics. eeeeee!
And here's the original sketch.

Shore Breeze
Hand painted cottons, hand dyed cheesecloth, silver beads, fused, hand embroidered, machine quilted.
Made in August 1999.

 I have almost no memory of making this, but it is labeled, Thank Heavens, and even has the Chicago School of Fusing label on the back.

Tasty Morsels
Made in 1997 (!)
24.5x18.5" Hand dyed cottons, hand dyed perle cotton threads, lame, hand and machine embroidered, machine pieced and machine quilted with perle cotton thread. $350.


  1. Nancy8:37 AM

    Melody, these attic quilts are similar to those that first caught my eye on your blog and took my breath away years ago. I'm inspired all over again!

  2. Woohoo...I wish our granny flat had an attic with treasures so fine!

  3. Love your quilts and love the colors...

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