Thursday, February 07, 2013

QAWM : Silk Compositions 3 and 4

Silk Composition #4, hand dyed silks and cottons, fused, machine quilted, 14.5x11.5" $250 SOLD
I've returned to a series started ten years ago! It was quite by accident. The box of small quilts in my closet held the enticement. I remembered the one from 2003 (below) and immediately began to drag out my box of fused silks.

This detail shows the shantung and dupioni, along with hand dyed black cotton (ever so precious because I dye so little of it) and plain white cotton. Aren't the prairie points fun? They are fused too, sewn into the seam. The striped fabric is not really striped, but black strips fused to the white. Same with black triangles on white. The one tiny strip of b&w stripe is a bit of printed fabric, also very vintage and precious.

Here's Silk Composition #3, 12.75x 11", hand dyed silk charmeuse, and commercial cottons. It was made way back in 2003. #1 and #2 are sold. I couldn't find any pictures of them. Darn.
I still have #3 because one of my students spilled a glass of water on it while it was on the class table and the commerical black fabric bled  into the white of the checked stripe. Darn again.

We were away from home most of the day, at the dentist. Both of us got x-rays and cleanings. It turned into a gorgeous day, again (Love Tennessee winters!) and it was 3pm before I even considered getting into the studio. Dave is selling his old red truck and some tires, and both of them found buyers today, which just about covers our dental bills for 2013. Yay!

Altho my plan was to begin a four patch quilt, now that the silks have been dragged out, I think I will continue in this vein for a bit longer. Silk is so seductive!

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  1. This piece is so striking! The high contrast b & w against the saturated colors is wonderful! You make me want to get my small box of silks out and play!

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Do you handle silk any differently then cotton?

  3. Marti,
    I dye and fuse silks exactly like I do cottons.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Thanks for the info. I have some silk but have never worked with it.

  5. Anonymous2:42 PM

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  6. Judy Morningstar7:22 PM

    These silk pieces are just so fun! Frankly they look more like "you" than the trippy one.
    What about if you "fix" the dye run in the white by writing on it (or drawing designs) with fabric pens or thick dye or something. Or beads. In other words, make the mistake into the focus.
    We are driving south and have noticed that the 55 F in Kansas is a big improvement over the 40 below last week in Manitoba Canada!

  7. Anonymous1:36 AM

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