Thursday, February 28, 2013

QAWM : Lines Plus

Lines Plus, now at 69x49". It is still in three pieces, but that is because it will be quilt as I go quilted. The third panel did the trick and I am calling the composition finished. It is more formal and balanced than I usually do, but it looks right this way. I have an exhibit next year that needed a new large work or two, and I think this will be included.
 I'm showing it here on the design wall to get an idea of scale and because the color shows up best this way. It is really magenta, not so much purple, and the lighter olive color looks correct in this picture.
Adele Sypesteyn - Rudimentary
Who would think that this artwork would lead me to make this large, large wall quilt?
It sure didn't turn out looking the same, eh?
It was such an enjoyable process, taking my time and allowing for new ideas to seep in, between the parts. I kept to my new work schedule, quilting in the morning and then lunch, reading and a nap. I also allowed a bit of knitting into the routine too. A well balanced day, stress free. Finally.

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  1. Wow, that is a biggie! As for turning out the same as the artwork, I wasn't expecting it to be a replicate. I can see the inspiration you derived from the artwork, but it definitely took on a personality of its own. And so different from most of your other pieces I've seen here! I know what you mean about letting the new ideas seep in. I felt that on a recent project where I just let the colors and fabrics lead the way... fun!

  2. debby8:30 AM

    Just wondering, Melody, if so many people have suggested piano keys and jazz as themes if you are thinking that as well? Will it suggest quilting designs for you? Since this is a large piece I could see it hanging in a place like an auditorium foyer, music studio...

  3. Debby, I wasn't thinking ANYTHING but strips and stripes. I don't do themes like the suggested piano keys or jazz. Looking for something that I didn't put it there is strictly in the minds of the viewer, over which I have no control.
    And my quilting will be in line with the lines of the pieces, straight lines. Simple and supportive of the design.

  4. LynneP9:57 AM

    This piece turned out wonderfully! Great to see how you moved from inspiration to final. Looking forward to seeing it quilted.

  5. I LOVE this piece. I love that you started with one inspiration and then went your own way. Did you say--are the thin lines fused?

    (this is a different debby than the above commenter!)

  6. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Melody I love your creations, and this has become my new favorite!


  7. I LOVE it! You are amazing. I love how it got from " there" to "here" when it's so different from what you've done (shown) in the past. Tell us more about your upcoming show!

  8. AMAZING!!! So totally stunning!

  9. Anonymous12:55 PM

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  10. Stunning. Is it striped material, or did you make the stripes?

  11. Lovely result! One of my aunts would kill for that - pinks and greens, lol.
    I wish for a stress free, balanced day... but I have work deadlines that are zooming past and my work isn't done.

  12. I like your schedule. I was surprised to hear you have a nap...and still manage to get heaps done. I was thrilled just to get my last ten Trip Around the World blocks finished...with the help of my two cats of course. I got them from the SPCA less than a year ago and they love it when I am in my shed. I do too!

  13. Oops. Lost my last comment half way through! Love the colours and design. The photo of it on your design wall really makes it pop - fabulous

  14. I like it! Quite amazing what that little spark of inspiration did!

  15. Your last picture showing a glimpse of the studio really helps put the size into perspective.

    Your patience and attitude to go with the flow are a great model for the rest of us. I believe the design wall is such a wonderful space to let these flips and turns and evolutions happen.

    As always, you inspire me.

  16. Wow! Simply WOW! Another awesome creation, for sure! Now the question is, "Why can't I do that???"

  17. Just beautiful - really!

  18. Your translation is wonderful. It has that look of Bauhaus textiles. Well done!

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