Friday, January 11, 2013

Paint Play #4

Paint Play #4
Painted and stamped cotton fabrics, hand dyed cheesecloth,  ink, colored pencil, acrylic paint. Mounted on paper, 11x14" $100 Email me.

I have been studying the mixed media pieces that keep popping up on Pinterest (I am so lazy, letting everyone else find cool stuff) and thinking this is something I really need to put my energies toward. The combining of paint, shape, line, texture, and color, of course, is so appealing.
 So I dug out my painted fabrics  that I made a long time ago, and began to dink around. I also have my painted papers at hand, and may combine them in the future. Mixed media is so open ended, anything goes, which is just what the doctor ordered, if you ask me.
So much of the arty stuff I am attracted to is black, white and gray, go figure, but at the same time I need to play with color. I started with this darker gray piece and 'enhanced it' with colored pencils and pens. Nothing in mind, just bringing out the shapes in the surface. If you see stuff in there, it has more to do with your perception than mine. I'm just doodlin'.

Here's some of the painted fabrics I had squirreled away. Ah, Rubbermaid. When I made them I was thinking 'patterned quilt fabrics'...but the paint makes them a little stiffer than I like and sewing makes a pop pop pop sound, and it just wasn't working. I fused the backs of them anyway, and rolled them up for the future. Now they are JUST THE THING! Who knew?
Some of the mixed media artists I am looking at are here on my Pinterest page.
While I was digging around in my past work I found a couple of paintings on paper that I really forgot all about.
Exploding Red Chair
Watercolor on 140lb Cotman WC paper 14x10" $250

Untitled  Watercolor, acrylic, ink, on Strathmore WC paper, 5x15"
I have a mat which helps me see what the painting might look like framed. I'll need to make friends with a frame shop if I keep this up.
What I am really liking about this mixed media stuff I'm making is the intimacy of the drawn line. And what I am loving is the collage assembly of the composition. No surprise there.

PS. I have found that right clicking on a picture opens it up in a new page, and one can click on the picture and enlarge it. Much better than the way Blogger is making the pics show up on a black background. Just sayin'.

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  1. Beautiful paintings! Do you have a favorite brand of watercolor paints?

  2. Julie9:01 PM

    Your right,opening a new tab and enlarging the picture makes it possible to get up close and personal with your beautiful quilts! Thanks for the tip, Julie

  3. Love them all! You are so talented and put the effort forth to create...
    Doodle or not, each one is fabulous

  4. I love these! Adding the pop of the lighter outlines is so effective - thanks for showing them.

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  6. Beautiful pieces! And having the mat to frame areas definitely helps. I'm thinking mixed media is something I need to try this year... so many possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  7. You can turn off the Lightbox feature in blogger.. I hate it


  8. Hi Melody, there's a bird looking over the fence in that big photo .... ;-)
    (And thank you so much for the right-clicking : I didn't know it was possible, but it is ... also at my place ... !)

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