Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know I shouldn't be baking, but on Date Tuesday we had lunch at Neidlov's Breadworks, and I got inspired by their French rolls. I used the faster no knead bread recipe which means that I didn't wait 24 hours. I let the dough rise for a second time and then cut it into half and half again, inot obviously unequal halves. Then I brushed the tops with beaten egg, topped with sesame seeds and baked at 425 for 20 minutes. I'm thinking homemade soup, salad and a nap after lunch.
Yesterday it was so pleasant that we decided to empty, wash and refill the hottub. A few months ago I added a little too much shock chemical and it stuck to the interior walls of the tub making it feel like sitting on sandpaper. Not inviting.  I thought maybe vinegar and Dawn would do the trick, but Dave got out the power sprayer and that was really the ticket. Of course we both got drenched, but it was so much fun, and the result is a sparkling clean tub, which I tried out at 6am in the dark this morning.
Keep in mind, this is January and it should be really cold out, but 50 degrees was cool enough.
I was up early to finish a book...Omega. Omega
I give it 3 out of 5 stars. Paid just five cents for it. Worth it I guess.

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  1. You've got the right idea! - Hot tub, (sort of) hot book, and hot rolls and soup - and a nap! :) now THAT's retirement!

  2. Such innovation, reading in the daytime, now a hot tub soak at dawn! What will you think of next? Inspiring...

  3. The rolls look very yummy! And the hot tub looks gorgeous! Nice...


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