Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diving In : Finished

At last I made the difficult decision on the binding color. With no really dominant single color, I couldn't figure out what to do about the binding. I pulled all the colors in the quilt and looked at the stack of fabric and kept putting it off until tomorrow. And then Duh! it dawned on me, make a binding from one strip of each. Since it is 81x50"ish, I could cut seven strips and that would make use of everything, mostly. The owner wants to hang it on the wall in her new home, so it had to have a really long rod pocket. That got added and sewn in place and so now it is finished. I await the new address to send it and the other quilt she has purchased, Radiant Orb.
New house, new art, wow!

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  1. Great quilts! They'll really add some vibrancy. Keep up the good work. Lois

  2. Oh, wow! I'm so envious. These are both so gorgeous and will make such a happy, happy impact in your customer's home. Anyone walking in will just have to feel good.

  3. debby9:44 AM

    I hope you get to see a picture of the quilts hanging in their new home.
    They will definitely make an impact in whichever rooms they hang .
    Just amazing!

  4. WOW! Perfect. I hope to see it on the customer's wall too.

  5. Beautiful pieces, Melody! The new owner is so lucky!

  6. Lucky new owner!

  7. Awesome choice with the binding...and I've not seen the orb in awhile, but YOWZA, it's fantastic! :-)

  8. What a lucky new owner to be able to afford your gorgeous artwork. Her home will be dazzling! Orb has always been one of my very favorites!

  9. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I am absolutely intrigued with your Radiant Orb quilt! Ever since I first saw it, I keep studying it trying to figure it out. I kind of have an idea, but there are parts that have me baffled.
    You do such amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing.
    June in AZ

  10. That new owner is one lucky person !!!!!!

  11. I love all your quilts! This one is another Master Piece!

  12. What beautiful pieces of art work. they will bring a glow and a smile to anyone who see them.


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