Saturday, September 29, 2012

O Boy!

They arrived, just as predicted, although the dark solids were backordered, so I stuck that Moda roll in to hold its place. The middle roll is Dusty solids. I WILL figure out how to include those with all the brights and pastels.
In the meantime, I pulled some prints and they fell into place with the pinks-greens already assembled and I do believe I NEED to make a yellow quilt with pink and green accents. Not too much red, as I just did a mostly red quilt.

Although, now that I look at it again, it's not all that red, but the red in it is really really red. Hmmm. Maybe I should call it a primaries with green quilt.
I am leaning on doing a yellow since I have been collecting yellow prints. But then this stripe jumped out of the pack, and it has a lot of pink in it, so hold the phone. Aw geesh.

Let's just acknowledge that when I get started, the quilt will assert itself and I will just have to stumble along behind it.
I was thrilled to get this email this morning:

Your post yesterday was so helpful. I think I was confused because I’d seen so many different options for QAYG that I was getting them all mixed together. When you posted the three techniques all in one place, my brain lights finally lit up.
Today I took some blocks I made up last year and put them together in a placemat sized quilt with two of the methods you showed – Narrow connector strip and flip and sew border. I feel like I actually attended your workshop!
 This makes me so happy! I feel like a mini revolution has started. Thanks to Marianne over at for firing the first shot.

Remember this painting from a few days ago, when I said I would repaint it to coordinate with the new paint color of the house?

There were a lot of drugs in my system when I repainted this...ibuprophen mostly, as my knee is bad.

I must have pink and green on the brain...

Posted by Picasa PS: This painting by Georgia Gray looks like a good idea for that Dusty roll.


  1. Love your picks for fabric! Can't wait to see the resulting quilt. I agree the painting would be a great use of the Dusty roll. If you are ever in a bind for the rolls, I have many in stock and currently have their very newest color palettes too!!

  2. Wow, just look at all of that lovely YUMMINESS---I want to come play in your fabric. :)

  3. I'm green, pink, yellow, red with envy. I want all that fabric. Seriously yummy stuff.

  4. Jackie, I just looked up your site and wanted to post the url for everyone who is interested in ordering Jelly rolls from you.

  5. Judy Morningstar10:34 AM

    So happy to see you back at the quilting again. I love the happy palettes you use.
    And the reworked painting will look great on your new house colour. Now all you have to do is persuade your husband to paint the doors bright pink.

  6. I was sort of excited yesterday when you showed the jelly-rolls but now it's confirmed! You're back to quilting for awhile! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love yellow but usually buy batiks and there are so few so this will be so fun to watch!


  7. The dusty roll just says "Fall" to me.Would it be hard for you to substitute a different color palette
    from your usual brights? Would be fun to see the results!

  8. Thanks for all the eye candy and wake up post. Love your new painting, looks great against the house.The gold/yellow is lovely against the pinks.

  9. Brige in Chester IL4:45 PM

    Off topic but saw this today and thought of you and goldfish. This is amazing. Amazing 3D (Goldfish) paintings by Riusuke Fukahori.

  10. The painting reminds me of the quilts of Ann Brauer (she has a blog somewhere too).

  11. I'll be interested to see your jelly roll quilt. I've seen these packs, but have never bought one. They are luscious, though. :-)


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