Friday, September 28, 2012

Jelly Rolls

I find these collections of solids IRRESISTIBLE. They have been on my wish list for. ever. and finally I gave in (I had a coupon) and ordered some from Then I found them way cheaper, no coupon necessary, from Missouri Star. They should be arriving this afternoon.

I wanted them originally because the thought of having to go through my entire stash of solids and find groups of pastels, brights, 30's colors, warms, and deep darks seemed daunting. Then upon getting them in my tight little hands, it occurred to me that if I used one of the colors, I would be without  that color and would need more. Dilemma.

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So, duh, BIG DUH, I began to pull solids to match or nearly match the strips. In my defence, half the deciding was done for me by the assembled collections. My first batch of matches was easiest, because (no surprise) I have oodles of brights. This set of strips was a Free Spirit roll of 'Designer Solids', only 15 colors needed to be matched. I found there were great gaps in the range of colors, and no RED at all. More of an orangey color. I will be augmenting this pack in the future. The second roll was also Free Spirit and was supposedly pastel/neutrals. I was shocked at how wimpy these were, when paired with my solid stash. What is that orange and yellow doing in that roll? Not pastel enough, and certainly not neutral. But, surprisingly, I HAD matching light neutrals, hand dyed from way back when.

Then I pulled more lights/neutrals out of my shelves, without the aid of a jelly roll, and I no doubt will be cutting 2.5" strips from all of these, thus defeating the original plan.

Cool blues and greens and then greens in lights to darks...more cutting of strips.

I can see yellows-oranges are next, and of course reds-pinks, blues-purples and black-grays.
And what was the planned quilt I was going to make from all these solids?
I can't remember.

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  1. So funny. Typical quilter lol.

  2. What yummy colors! I have never bought a jelly roll. Now you have me thinking!

  3. What eye candy. Aren't we a funny bunch? You'll come up with something.

  4. You're not the only one who pulls all the fabric, makes plans, decisions, etc ...and then can't remember WHAT you were going to do with all that fabric. Duh.

  5. I have bought only a few jelly rolls due to price, but I just can't resist when they look like yummy massive lollipops, so I have used two Moda ones that are just like your first two Robert Kauffman ones lol bright and pastel so yummy! I reckon, if I had a fabric store, I would stick lollipop sticks in them - if there are more customers like me this would entice them to buy them every time! Sometimes the question what to make from them is almost secondary ;-)

  6. Annie8:25 PM

    "And what was the planned quilt I was going to make from all these solids?
    I can't remember.

    You cracked me up!

  7. You must be in Heaven about now! Truthfully though I think you're allowed to leave them rolled up and just look at them!And then look at them some more...


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