Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paint Patch

Paint Patch
Acrylic, graphite and ink, with collage, on canvas paper, 6x6"
I feel like I just woke up in kindergarten and had all the paints to myself! ( Remember when everyone vied for the red crayon?)
The tiny drawing in the lower right corner is no more than 1.5" square, and was the impetus for this painting.
It takes no time at all to paint a tiny painting like this, and of course no committment from the painter. But one can't help feeling that this should be BIGGER. It works as a study, and that is good.

 What kind of impact can a teeny work have in comparison to a painting ten times this size.
6x6" vs. 60x60"? Size does matter.
I wonder if I can be this loosey goosey with a larger canvas?

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  1. debby9:06 AM

    I like the idea of this as a large painting.On the other hand I could see a series of small studies, like Gwen Marston's "37 Sketches". Small paintings would look nice framed with a generous mat around them. Then again not everything has to be turned into a finished project! The play's the thing!

  2. I can't even remember my high school years let alone kindergarten! I do remember a certain excitement over a box of crayons though. I love the little painting.

  3. This is really quite inspiring. and how fast, compared with a quilt. Have you thought of turning the designs of your older fused quilts into paintings?


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