Sunday, July 22, 2012

Line Up

Line up
Acrylic on canvas,
stamping and ink,
8x8x 7/8"
$100 Email me.

I am working towards a more loosey-goosey painting style, and do so I spread on the molding paste over the first layer of color and repainted it until it took on the look I wanted.

With this sort of texture I am less likely to strive for accuracy and more likely to allow for uneven lines and blobs. More personality shows this way, methinks.
The linear paste lines suggested a row of patterns, so I tried out all my new stamps. I found some dauber sponge brushes at Hobby Lobby with a circular end, woowoo! Dots! With paint I made them look spherical. The smaller dots came from a new stamp I carved and the smallest are the eraser of a wood pencil. Everything and anything can be tried as a stamp. So fun! BTW, I am just painting onto the stamp to apply the color. Then later I paint onto the stamped image to get the effect I seek.

Here are some of the tools I used. With the two bird stamps, I can see a series forming.
I cleaned up my messy painting table, rearranged the studio and got down to business carving the new stamps. After a morning into afternoon of painting, I went back up to the loft and knit while watching the series Breaking Bad, from the beginning (on Netflix). Murder and mayhem abound and it is funny as well as tense and exciting. What trouble men can create!

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  1. How fun! I'm intrigued by the bird stamps, and can't wait to try my hand at using some speedy-carve rubber to make some stamps to dye with...

  2. Melody my dear,
    It appears you have reached deep into your colorful psyche and pulled out the design motifs for the next best selling, industry changing, line of fabrics. Seriously. I wouldn't sell that little painting. If I saw fabrics like these paintings, I would absolutely um, I don't know, buy them, and then maybe the book to help me choose patterns to use them. I'm already picturing how your booth would look in Houston! Award winning.

  3. Thanks Ann, but that sounds an awful lot like the career I am retired from, happily, so happily.


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  6. It sounds like you had fun and it must have been so satisfying to go off and knit afterwards! love them especially the bird motifs.
    What a good idea to make the under surface textural to avoid the temptation of details.


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