Monday, June 18, 2012

On the Needles

Obviously this isn't on the first harvest. Grape tomato and zucchini. Only the beginning!

I have cast-on-itis. I started this cardi, and then changed my mind about the stitch design, and rebooted. A new stitch book appeared in my library, and the design on either side came from Barbara G. Walkers, A Second Treasury of  Knitting Patterns: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Then I changed my mind about the construction, and rebooted again. Now I am pleased with both, and was happily knitting along when I happened upon this adorable child sized cardi.

I saw it on the little girl and loved that the back was all stockinette, while the front was garter. It looks straightforward enough to try and copy in my size.
 Too sweet!
Here's my start. Beginning with a collar that is long enough to cross over the front and then when it is deep enough, start the raglan shaping.

I am making the sleeves with a purl ridge every fourth row. This photo shows the collar on the bottom, with the body above. The yarn is a strange but wonderful new purchase. Organic merino from Sublime. The label suggests a size 6 needle, but I am using a 10.5 and it seems just right.
Organic Merino Wool DK - Asparagus (Color #119) - FULL BAG SALE I got this from Little Knits, a dangerously addictive yarn pusher website.

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  1. Oh I like that child cardi too. I love simple designs that look good and are easy to knit. Looking forward to seeing this cardi in a grownup size on you. I'm sure it will be all done by tomorrow, right? You are such a super fast knitter!

  2. Before I read the text, I thought you were knitting a bustier!

  3. Before I read the text, I thought you were knitting a bustier!


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