Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Before and After

 Just for fun I looked up some fotos from when we first moved into this house, August 31st, 2007. There was nothing in the front beds but flat dirt. Well, not exactly dirt. It was an inch of soil on top of clay. There were ducks and chickens, which didn't last, and the chickens were destroying what hosta were already there.

I saw this as a blank canvas and began planning for the following Spring plantings. The ducks were gone by January, due to hungry critters.
It seemed to be an overwhelming task to make this all into something resembling our dreams, but nothing good happens instantly, and slow but sure wins the race. (I got a million trite proverbs).

This was the driveway when we moved in. It needed more gravel and some definition. I left that up to Dave. He continues to scout out more free rock and the wall gets higher when he does. The English ivy I planted is growing over the top edge and up the hill.

And of course now we have a garden in that front area. Lots of garden.

It all looks good until mid June, when the weeds take over and now it is just a mess. I'll be ripping them out daily, for a while.
 It is definitely worth it.

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  1. It is so worth it! I see it as good fresh air and exercise for free too. How satisfying to sit with your drink and your knitting, feeling physically tired too.

  2. Melody & Dave - What you have done with it is such a major improvement. I wish it was my house! My hubby is a rock hound also and he collected flat rock (huge) from the back of our property and made stone walks around our house with morter between the stones. The quanity of rock he has hauled is nowhere near what Dave has hauled, but I know it is very hard work. It is amazing how many rocks he has hauled to line along that long driveway! - I wanted to tell you that you should try and growing some swiss chard. It is so easy to grow and is so tasty. (very much like spinach in taste) - We have oodles of squash, zukes, cukes already. But we planted in early April here in Southern IL. We are having blossom end rot problems with our tomatos and it is killing me as we would have had at 3 dozen tomatos by now but all have had blossom end rot so far. We do have some plants that are not infected though.

  3. Girl, what you have done to this garden is amazing. You have a green thumb, hand , arm...
    Love it.

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    What a transformation. I'm sure it was hard work, but definitely worth it. Your place is beautiful.

  5. Your story belongs in Better Homes and Gardens! Especially the garden... what an incredible transformation! Kudos to you both, and your handyman Mike... great job!

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Mel and Dave, It looks like the good fairy touched everything over night but reading your blog I know that didn't happen but it's beautiful, just beautiful. I agree with the person above, this place merits a four page spread in Better Homes and Gardens. Think I will write to them and mention what persistence, hard work, creativity and a big lot of imagination will and can do. Thanks for your gift of sharing. Fondly,SewsewLiz


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