Friday, June 22, 2012


It's that time of year when I ask myself, should I buy zucchini or wait til it is big enough to pick?

The very next day I am looking for someone to unload  gift several zucchinis. I picked two on Tuesday, four on Thursday and two more this morning when I walked the dawgs.
Where are the vine borers when I need them?

I jest.

I am thrilled to have healthy plants.
But my pest problems are appearing in the form of Japanese beetles, which I am gleefully squishing with my bare fingers. The green beans are being attacked and several leaves are lace already. I must be vigilant.
I did pick our first bunch of beans and thought ahead to buy sliced almonds. We can make a meal of green beans almondine anytime now.
 I steamed the beans in a bit of water, and then setting them in a covered dish, I tossed in some butter and almonds and just a bit of salt and pepper, and in minutes we were having our lunch.

Accompanying the beans, red seedless grapes and a slab of roasted pork loin. Perfect summer fare.

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  1. Jackie B8:32 AM

    Looks great. My green beans never make it in the house as I love to eat them fresh off the plant.

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Time to start harvesting squash flowers and stuffing them with something delish.... and enjoy all the more as there will be one less zucchini in two weeks...

    Beautiful veggies....

  3. What beautiful veggies! I just bought corn at the farmer's market yesterday and am having an ear for breakfast. It's 3/$1.00 but should get cheaper as it gets more plentiful. I can't wait for your stories about being overtaken by zucchini. LOL.

  4. Whoa! Here in Oregon, we haven't had enough sunshine to grow a tomato flower yet.

  5. living here in London (UK) unfortunately we dont always get the weather! Your produce looks gorgeous.

  6. What a wonderful time for a veggie gardener! I've been blogging about my adventures as well. Third year and the word has finally gotten out that we're here and our stuff is delicious: japanese beetles, flea beetles, squash vine borers, stink bugs, and throw in early blight for good measure. But they're right -- it is delicious!

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