Saturday, May 05, 2012

Water Feature

We've been looking for a fountain or some sort of water feature for the garden and everything looked too ornate, or fakey. We already had a small water pump leftover from the defunct goldfish tub, so we considered digging a hole, inserting a big basin, which we also had leftover from a frogpond that came with the house, and disguising it with mountain rock, so it would look like a natural spring. Never. Gonna. Happen.
Yesterday as I was filling all the pots with potting mix, I decided to dig out the pump and try it out in a big bucket. Hmm. Looks pretty fakey, but no digging is required and I can have it on the deck where we can enjoy the trickly sounds.
When we built the deck, I insisted on an electrical outlet, for a stereo, or lights or something, and this pump plugs right in easily.

It worked! But honestly I am not so happy with the particular bucket. Dave had used it to drain oil from some motor and while I scrubbed out the residue, the remaining Dawn continued to provide foam. Plus it is too tall and shades some of the plants behind it. I am on a mission this morning to find a shorter replacement bucket, maybe in matching-the-deck gray. And while I am out, I'll pick up a few more plants. Too much dirt is visible in these pots.

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  1. Nice idea! I never thought of getting a pump and plunking it into a bucket! I got a fountain last year, but haven't put it up yet. Maybe next week! Meanwhile, your flowers are bright and beautiful... nice!

  2. Love your deck, Melody! Your pots looks so inviting---I may have to do a few after all. I think you have an excellent idea for the water feature. Would love to have one of those too. :)

  3. I have a similar set up, but mine is half a whiskey barrel that has a black plastic liner...I love it!

  4. We have a small electric fountain on our deck; a pond isn't gonna happen here either. I love to idle away time on the swing with the trickling water in the background. Sometimes the chickadees will use it too.

  5. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Honestly, that won't do. You will need to dig a hole. I know someone who keeps her fishes in a tub in a hole in the ground with plants around and in it. You'd never believe the fishes can over-winter in it because it is dug deep enough.

  6. Here is my fountain. I love this fountain! The birds bathe in it, it makes a nice sound, and it is lovely to look at and easy to clean.

    It's a Bjorn fountain.

  7. Just catching up - The garden looks beautiful, the knit vest is GORGEOUS and very becoming on you, and I love the stone sculpture. It's always nice to have "garden art." :-)

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