Friday, May 04, 2012

Country Life

Dave and I were both born in the city, and now that we have moved to the country, it feels like we were destined to be country folk all along.
I love walking around the 'estate' early in the morning, in my jammies and flip flops, taking pictures of all the stuff that is blooming, or just residing in the glory of the sunlight. My dawgs are with me, sniffing everything, and encouraging growth with their own special brand of organic fertilizer.
We talk about needing rain, or we wish it would stop raining and get warmer, or how dry everything is, or how wet everything is and therefore I must delay digging. It's always some complaint, but really that is just a ruse to hide the soul deep love of the place, no matter what the weather.
People say we have put so much work into the gardens. I don't call it work. It is playing in the dirt and seeing results. We do have time to make things prettier, so why not do it?
Gardening is its own reward.


  1. Oh my gosh...are those peonies?? I don't think you've ever mentioned peonies!! (maybe I missed it). My grandmother loved them and I grew up with that incredible scent in my life, but for the past 20 years, here in Houston where they won't grow, I've been missing them. :'-( I live in the country too and I know exactly how you feel about the connection to the land and the solitude, but I am SO envious of you living in the "middle" where peonies grow.

  2. I so agree with the part about loving to play in the dirt! I've been a dirt baby all my life... part of being born under an earth sign, I'm thinkin'... but I never feel like I'm doing a chore when I'm out in the yard puttering. Chores are inside, like cleaning!

  3. "Work" is relative. Im glad you are inclinded to share...this country girl now lives in a city and misses her old life.

  4. Melody,

    Your talents are endless. Love your quilts the best!


  5. I just love seeing the pictures of your garden areas. You are a multi-talented lady.


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