Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleeping In

To say our Dawgs rule the roost is an understatement. They dominate. WE are better humans because they live with us. And we are more realistic about what is important. I have given up having a perfect house. My white sofa slipcover gets washed at least once a month and is covered with washable quilts (wrong side up). We vacuum dawg hair from the TV often too. Mousies and chew toys are everywhere underfoot and there are still a few puppy pads discreetly placed, for rainy days and nights, as the Princes refuse to go out in inclement weather.

Chester races me upstairs at bedtime and we have a cuddle ritual. He loves the smell of my mouthwash, and I rub his belly as he bends over me, backwards. Then he does a 360 and slams against me to sleep. Chumley gets a love too, but I direct him to Dave's room, the Snoratorium.
On mornings like this, when it is chilly, no amount of calling will get them out of bed. Unless they whiff the bacon frying...
I never thought I would become a dog person. Guilty!

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  1. Karen in ME8:38 AM


    I'm with you! Only my spoilt brat is a English Bulldog. Since we've got him, I've never laughed so hard. He makes every day a joy.

  2. Sweet! I'm afraid my cats are abused compared to your guys... they are relegated to the patio room at night where they can come and go as the need arises, via the pet door. But they do commandeer the bed during the day... three guys, sprawled all over in contortionist positions, having their daily snooze until it's snack time! Pets... ya gotta love 'em!

  3. Snoratorium - lol, good one! (Just adopted another dog, this time a full blooded Boston Terrier who is 4.5 months old and he is a major snorer)

  4. Aw, it all sounds so lovely! Unfortunately we are both allergic.

  5. Congratulations! Cat people are good but dog people are GREAT!

  6. Awwwww... I love sleeping animals. I agree that we are better humans for living with these hair-shedding, lovable rascals. Your two dogs may not leave as much hair as my one 17-lb fluffy cat, but it's easy to use painter's tape on his sleeping place every morning and evening. I posted three pictures on my blog today; hope you'll see Bigboy:

  7. You are so right Mel! We were a cat family until I finally faced the fact that I had a MAJOR allergy to cat fur/dander/whatever and after our beloved cat died we didn't get another.

    Now our son has a Golden Retriever and we adore her! She comes to us whenever the weather is too cold or wet for her to be outside while they're at work, and she brings a smile to both our faces. If we're going to be home for the day we ask if we can have her at our place, and love taking her to the beach or just for a "sniffy-walk" - that's when you stop to smell the roses! She is so good for us.

    Clearly your two have found the perfect home too. I love seeing your Daily Dawg snaps.

  8. only one thing better than having a dog - having two :)


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