Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Beachy Pullover

Wide stripes always remind me of my high school summers. The Beach Boys were the big thing and I had one striped over sized t-shirt that I wore like a uniform. It was my only in style outfit. I made this pullover as an exercise in nostalgia. The first pic shows that I knit the back about 4" longer than the front, with side slits. I think this idea came from polo shirts and while the idea was that I would not be pulling the back down all the time when bending over, I am afraid that the uneven hem isn't going to work. It's a little grabby on the derriere.
I'm taking this to knitting today and will get the verdict from my pals, altho I think I have already decided to unknit the bottom, no slits, just an even longer front to match the back.

The yarn is Berrocco Weekend, acrylic and cotton, and I love knitting with this yarn.
The pattern? My typical top down raglan. Cast on 100 and divide for the raglan at 15 for each sleeve, 40 for the back and 30 for the front. Knit until sleeve stitch count is 65 sts. Knit body straight and for sleeves, decrease every four rows. I made 3/4 sleeves  with very deep rollup cuffs, should I want to unroll and cover more arm at some time.


It turns out that the butt grabbiness was because I was wearing my puffy jeans and when I put on my slim jeans, the grabbiness was a non-issue. So I am keeping the longer back, making me very HAPPY.


  1. Now this I would wear until forced by the health dept to remove it. Big girls shouldn't wear horizontal stripes you say? Go ahead, say it to my face. I dare ye! It would be my uniform of choice!

  2. Looks wonderful. I can imagine wearing it with cut offs on a cool night at the beach. Fabulous.

  3. That sweater turned out great! It's adorable! A perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.

  4. You look good the diet seems to be working! Good going : )

  5. Maria7:50 PM

    Your butt is so little now I don't know why you are covering it!

  6. Hi Melody! I love your new sweater on you. Its very feminine and looks like a good "go to" item of clothing. Hug-gable. Peace, Laura Bradley

  7. Wonderful! VERY beachy! I LOVE the uneven hem, I am glad you decided to keep it!


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