Sunday, May 27, 2012

Duh. . .

I thought I would block my latest knit before I sewed the side seams. Something was wrong...
I knit one less pattern repeat than necessary, then added the bottom and neck ribbing and didn't discover my mistake until I took it out of the sink and spread it on the towel.
Double Duh.
This was such an avoidable error. Hrumph.
I will unknit the collar, and the bottom ribbing and add the last design repeat and it will all be OK.

Do you think it looks a bit lopsided?

Here's a little puppy distraction.
Chester and his mousie.
Chummy lets it all hang out.

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  1. Just a brooche...short side up e voila

  2. Well you know Melody, I have seen lots of asymetrical vests, sweaters, cardigans out there. You could just leave it as an asymetrical design too!

  3. I love the Chummy pose! Looks like my cats when they sprawl out for a nap! As for the lopsided knit... it still looks better than anything I've tried! And at least you know what to do to solve the problem... my heroine!

  4. I hope it made you laugh....rather than cry. It is going to be beautiful.

  5. I'd wrap short over long side and fasten it with one of those great shawl pins - but then I am an assymetric kind of girl!
    Big Sis

  6. Oh my, Mel. You've been around me too long!

  7. No way to fudge that when you sew the side seams. No choice but to repair it. Makes you feel silly, doesn't it? Like I felt when I cut out a dress pattern and had two left sleeves!

  8. Oh darn!
    Don't I sometimes wish I could stretch out like the dogs when it!'s warm!

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