Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Closer Look

I opened my crisper drawer and found that the green onions I planned to use were wilted and starting to send out roots. So I thought, why not plant them?  There was an open spot on either side of the tomato/pepper bed and the soil was wet from all the beautiful rain, and in they went.
We'll come back later in the season to see how they're doing. I may look for garlic today and put some in this bed too.  Tuesdays are Jazzercise, grocery shopping and a trip to Lowe's to see what they have marked down to half price. I have space now to add sun loving new plants. Woowoo!
Here's the other veggie bed. It holds Kentucky Wonder and Contender Green Beans, as well as beets and carrots, which I am trying to grow AGAIN. My first year I got some good beets up in the front flower bed, and had no luck planting them here in the much sunnier location. I don't know why they didn't grow, but I am not daunted. All of this rain and lush soil will make a big difference...hope springs eternal.

I think it's pretty early for the hosta to start sending out flower shoots but they are anyway. This yummy chartreuse and dark green beauty has a cluster of lavender buds waiting to erupt. Nature knows a good color combo.

The gigantic blue hosta in the front planter box is enjoying free reign this season, but will have to be moved as it is crowding the bleeding heart and astilbe (yes there are astilbe hidden somewhere in there). On the other side of the front garden the major astilbe bed is in full bloom. I got these plants in one of those 5 roots in bag things at Walmart. I was lucky that they all took off.
My plan is to have shade loving smaller hosta, astilbe, bleeding hearts, a few ferns and celandine poppies in this bed. In the very front are the peonies . Once everyone reaches maturity I'll have variety and dependability here.
I liked this Celandine poppy so much I bought a second plant and then discovered several volunteers had sprouted in this bed. The seed pods are fuzzy gray green drops and they burst open sending seeds out onto the ground. I found at least five starter plants from last season's seeds. I'll be saving seeds and sowing them in the many other shady spots.

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  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Eeeeeeee! So gorgeous.


  2. Mel, I love hearing about your garden. It is always so beautiful.I am so interested in the things you plant.

    I have a little 8X8flower garden and I am always worried about plagues of insects like black grasshoppers. Have you ever had this problem when buy things from Lowe's for instance?


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