Saturday, April 07, 2012

Strawberry Shortie

My version

I've been obsessing about circular yokes lately. I found a pattern or two on Ravelry and decided now is the time to try one out. But the pattern I found was only for one size, way too small for me, so I had to figure out how to enlarge it and on my second try, I got the right formula. Then I had to adapt it to the smaller amount of yarn I wanted to use.  This is  Karabella Merino, and I had only six hundred yards. So the finished product would not have long sleeves and while I did knit it without the ribbed bottom, I frogged that because it was so short and unflattering. and
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I feel the need to explain my motivations. Knitting, for me, is the challenge of figuring out the puzzle. I am not interested in duplicating the exact design, only  in finding out the gist of how it is done, since I know I am going to change it anyhow and then do variations from that point onward. That's the shortest explanation. I am leaving out the lying in bed imagining construction approaches, and alternate design tweeks.

So when I show you the finished product, what I am showing is that I got the rounded yoke, the just right sleeves and the 'fix' of the more flattering fitted ribbing.
Now I am able to design something from this point onward that I know will work.
The concept is pretty darn simple. Cast on a number of stitches and increase (M1) in equidistant sites, every six rows or so, about four times. Put the armholes on waste yarn and knit the body. I added a few underarm stitches and some extra increases for the bust. Also, I did short rows for the back neck, to raise it, as I like to do.

Some have commented that I am a fast knitter. Not so true. I am not fast, I just don't do a blasted thing but knit all day. I love sitting on the deck and knitting, and then inside when it gets dark, in front of the TV. Nothing else gets done til I conquer the latest challenge.
Really. Obsessive.


  1. That is beautiful!!!

  2. Not only is the design flattering and the colour scrumptious, but your figure is looking fan-TAS-tic!! Boy oh boy, that diet is sure working! Well done! You must be doing some exercise to be shedding that fast? Let us into the secret, please

  3. Ok, so you're obsessively f-a-s-t!! Love it and love the color.

  4. Looking fab in pink there!

  5. Looks great! I have not tried a top down sweater yet - am getting inspiration. BTW you should call that the Marilyn sweater ;-)

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    The fit is amazing! Love the colour too and yes, you are fast, very fast.

    May I send you all the yarns I've collected over the past 30 or so years and you do my knitting for me?
    Thanks in

    You are 'obsessive' about knitting/completing a project, I am obsessive about collecting materials for

  7. Beautiful!

    What do you do if you finish a sweater (or whatever) and find that you don't like it (for whatever reason)? I just finished a scarf (that took me weeks of knitting) and when I put it on I hated it! Disappointing to say the least! I decided that I'll put it away and save it for a gift. I don't think I'll ever try knitting a sweater now...chances are I would get it done and I would hate it!

  8. OMG is that the yarn you just order from Little Knits? It is a wonderful color and fits so well. Great look.

  9. You like to knit or you don't! And you love it, this design is beautiful and I like the colour as well. Enjoy Easter.

  10. Fast or slow you are amazing. Stretch and I were discussing that quality has disappeared from clothing lately... yours looks like quality. Fit, and construction.

  11. Schöne Farben und tolle Pullover,
    herzlichen Gruß

  12. You've become really prolific at knitting! I'm thinking of trying my hand at crochet, something I last did about a million years ago. But at least it feels familiar to my brain, unlike knitting, which looks like learning Greek! Really beautiful sweater, and lovely on you, too.


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