Monday, April 09, 2012

It's Garden Time

It's time to visit my favorite greenhouses and start spending money on plants and seeds. Looking at what was growing last year, I am encouraged that I can expect all the perennials to show up, even better after our mild winter. And I have new ideas for annuals this year. Calibrachoa or Superbells are already in the flowerbox,
 along with bacopa SuteraSnowstorm-7.jpg

and a fancy purple/white petunia. I'm thinking mounding and spilling with a few spiking plants. I interspersed some African Marigolds
and they will be tall, and contrasting with the purple and white theme. The Lettuce Leaf  Basil will also intermingle amonst the flowers, and be another spiky plant.
I had such good luck with begonias on the shady side of the deck garden that I have planted those again this year.
Picture of BegoniaHere's a slideshow of what the garden looked like last year.



  1. Your gardens are beautiful. I'd love to visit lol...

    I especially like the picture of water garden with the frog :-)))

  2. Oh, I AM encouraged to get myself in gear too. But yard work takes away from my sewing time - such a dilemma!

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    your garden looks utterly beautiful!!! and so colourful and sunny! gorgeous


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